It’s Time to Party! Here’s What You Need in Your Bar!

mimosabarA cocktail party is a great event to bring friends together to reconnect or hosting an office shindig to say thank you! Or you just want to share your latest cocktail recipe with some tasters to let you know what they think. Whatever the case, hosting a cocktail party can be a joyous occasion. Let’s look at some supplies that can come in handy when throwing a cocktail party. 

Mixing a cocktail can be done by stirring it or shaking it. Having some basic bar supplies like shakers, stirrers, glasses is a good base to throwing a great cocktail party. You can use plastic or invest in glasses that come in a variety of styles or shapes depending on what vibe you are trying to create with your cocktail party. Straws and cocktail napkins are also helpful to keep messes easily managed. Cocktail napkins actually have a way of dressing up your cocktail party, so have some fun!

Many drinks need ice. Ice for shakers, ice for cold drinks, and ice in an ice bucket for anyone willing to make their drinks the perfect temperature. If you do not have an ice bucket, no worries, you can use a small kitchen sink like a vegetable sink to store either your ice or your ice and chilled beverages. What an easy way to keep champagne and white wines chilled.

As for the cocktails themselves, the basic liquor choices are vodka, gin, rum, tequila, bourbon or scotch. Some of your guests will drink their cocktails on the rocks while others will want mixers. Some of the basic mixers to help stock your bar are orange juice, cranberry juice, cola, diet cola, lemon-lime soda, tonic water and club soda. You may want to create a specialty cocktail that supports the theme of your party which you can pre-make and set aside in a shaker, pitcher or punch bowl.

The types of cocktails you can make are in abundance, there are flavored vodkas and specialty rums and aperitifs, there are lots of juices to choose from as mixers so have some fun and be creative!

To add some more fun vibes to your party and cocktails, keep garnishes on hand like lemons, limes, oranges, cherries and olives. If these are pre-cut and set aside in dishes, it becomes easy to make drinks quickly. And your guests can help themselves to experimenting with their own concoctions.

The best way to get a party started is to have your bar accessories organized and set up prior to your party.

By all means have fun and be safe! Drink Responsively!