Lighting up the Night with Neighborhood Lights and Shows

This time of year brings holiday cheer, the coming together of family and friends, and amazing neighborhood lights and shows! When neighbors come together to spread good cheer and smiles through Christmas lights, it reminds us to be a kid again. It brightens the hearts of the children that visit these lighted neighborhoods. And as adults, we get the opportunity to remember the wonder of days gone by.

Where to Go

These neighborhood lights and shows can be found near your own homes and in your towns. Grab a local paper or go online to see what homes are decorated with lights. Many neighbors and neighborhoods will come together to build a spectacular show. Some neighbors create walking tours of their neighborhoods and get excited for this time of year.  Visitors to these neighborhoods are guaranteed a spectacular show. Take the opportunity to park, get bundled up, and grab a hot cocoa and a camera. Once you are all bundle up, take a stroll in these neighborhoods. You will be amazed at how something so bright can make any holiday special!

Give Back

Many of these neighbors recognize that this is the season to give back. If you do head out, remember to take cans of food. Many of the neighborhoods we toured, had bins for canned food or collections centers. These cans and funds would go to feed those less fortunate this holiday season.

Here are some lit up neighbors near homes and offices that inspired us this holiday season.

Neighborhood Lights Neighborhood Lights Neighborhood Lights Neighborhood LightsNeighborhood Lights Neighborhood Lights Neighborhood Lights Neighborhood Lights