Home Improvements for Less

Ever find spare change lying around you houses, either in drawers or behind cushions? When all these coins and loose change add up, think about how you can use it for some last minute and affordable (really affordable) home improvements. Maybe your home improvement projects are a bit Read More

Top 2016 Colors: Combining Metals & Interior Design Colors

Ever wonder what colors can make a difference in what rooms? This infographic came to us with not only color palettes, but the combination of metals and colors. The top 2016 colors are focused on muted colors. Colors like pink and blue, but also gold and green. Even a bold intense red was a popular color of 2016.

What it would look like to combine metals and interior design colors? Metals are a great way to accent a room. By incorporating color with specific metals, your room can really pop with excitement when anyone comes to visit. Some metals actually soften or strengthen a color depending on what metal you use. Each of these colors of 2016 have an effect on your mood and energy level. Learning to match metal and color palettes together will make you the expert on design and Read More

HomeZada Twitter Chat – Get Mortgage Advice from Total Mortgages

HomeZada Twitter Chat

HomeZada is at it again with our next HomeZada Twitter Chat. We invited mortgage experts from Total Mortgages to share their experiences and answers to all your mortgage questions. Total Mortgage is nationwide mortgage lender based out of Milford, CT. For almost 20 years they have been combining Read More

HomeZada Tip: Tracking Home Finances

Owning a home has so many components that keep us on our toes, but one of the aspects of a home that is extremely valuable are the details surrounding the finances about a home. Remembering what you paid for your home and what its current appraised value is Read More

12 Tips for Cutting Costs at Home Inforgraphic

Understanding the details about your home can help you find some hidden savings that can help you by cutting costs at home. These home savings can provide more money in you pocket. These tips focus on the buying of homes, insuring homes, and energy efficient measures. Learn from these 12 tips in this infographic on cut costs at home. Many of these tips are great savings and simple tasks that you can do on your own without hiring a professional.  Simple tasks like cleaning out certain areas of your appliances can help you create more energy efficient appliances. Understanding what you actually need when buying a house versus what is recommended can help you save money. Creating better insulation and investing in solar can help you save money. Living in a safe neighborhood with the necessities like fire stations and hydrants nearby can also save money on insurance.

Read how you can save money now.  Read More