Stress Free Downsizing to Make it To Your New Home

It seems that in a study by Key Retirement Solutions “One in five homeowners aged over 55 are planning to downsize over the next five years”. Yikes. This is a lot of people moving to smaller homes. A smaller home generally means moving less stuff into the new home. So what is anyone to do with all the things they own? And how can stress free downsizing occur in this transition? 

Now What

This infographic from Flexispace shows us some techniques on how to make this process of downsizing and removing items from the home more manageable. Everything from creating piles to starting early are tips that can make downsizing easier. The result is to fit your belongings in your new home without crowding your space. Invite family over to take items that they may need or want. If these particular items have sentimental meaning, at lease you know these items are going to a good home. Be ruthless in what you keep. Remember that your new space may be so much smaller that your current items may not fit. That was an easy solution. Out is goes. Really think about what you need and donate, sell or trash what you do not. All of these tips will make for an easier move to your new smaller home.