Downsizing? Here Are 7 Reasons to Join the Tiny House Movement

Downsizing? Here Are 7 Reasons to Join the Tiny House Movement
Source: Tiny House

The expense of owning a multi-family home can become suffocating, especially when the kids head off to college and rooms become eerily vacant. The hidden costs of homeownership take a toll on your financial health, and expenses like property taxes or damage repairs can become debilitating. You might be struggling to budget the limited leftover cash once the bills are paid and are getting tired of sacrificing leisurely purchases in lieu of mortgage payments. If you yearn for a manageable home and a life with more economic freedom, it’s time to downsize. 

Moving to a smaller space gives you the opportunity for a fresh start and allows you to spend money without worrying about the next excessive electric bill. As downsizing grows in popularity, more and more people turn to tiny homes for a simpler lifestyle. In fact, more than half of all Americans say they have considered living in a compact space, citing self-sufficiency and cost-cutting benefits as a huge draw. Micro-houses have risen from a glint in the eye of aspiring downsizers to a full-blown movement joined by thousands each year. 

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Stress Free Downsizing to Make it To Your New Home

It seems that in a study by Key Retirement Solutions “One in five homeowners aged over 55 are planning to downsize over the next five years”. Yikes. This is a lot of people moving to smaller homes. A smaller home generally means moving less stuff into the new home. So what is anyone to do with all the things they own? And how can stress free downsizing occur in this transition?  Read More

Interview with Senior Move Manager, Jan McCreary – Allen

We were introduced to Jan McCreary – Allen while speaking and exhibiting at the National Association of Senior Move Managers Conference (NASMM). Jan became a professional client of HomeZada’s and her continued commitment of the solution led us to ask her how and why she chose HomeZada to use within her business. What we found was the value of Jan’s business, Smooth Transitions of West Texas and how her services provided so much value to her clients. HomeZada was a mere tool to use to help her with her goals of helping others around her and leveraging her skills to help families in need of her services.  Here is Read More