Cleaning Electronics to Remove Bacteria and Germs

Cleaning ElectronicsElectronics are everywhere in our age of technology. And caring for our electronics is important to keep them working. What can you do to carefully clean your electronics? We have some tips for cleaning electronics around your home. And by all means, keep the coffee far away from the computers … a disastrous situation.

Disinfect Remote Controls

First, walk around your house and collect all the remote controls. Using baby wipes, wipe down all of these remote controls. If there are tricky areas or super small areas that you cannot get to, use a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol to wipe down the area. Return the remote controls to their location in the house.

Wipe the Television and Computer Screens

Using a specific screen cleaner which does not have any oils or waxes in them to gently spray on your screen. Then, using a soft cloth or microfiber cloth, wipe away the screen cleaner. Make sure your cloth is lint free. Otherwise you are adding lint all over your screens. Your screens will be fingerprint free.

Computer Keyboard and Accessories

Keyboards are good to use with your computers, especially if you are a fast typer. But your fingers carry bacterial and oils that could cause keys to stick or to get just plain dirty. With your computer off, gently wipe down the keyboard with a soft cloth. Do not spray directly on the computer keys, but gently spray a cleaner on your cloth. You can also use handy wipes on these key boards.

Once you have wiped the keyboard, using compressed air, spray between the keys. The air will release any debris that has fallen between the keys. You may need to take a quick wipe of the key board. However, you can use a dry cloth at this point.

Use the same wipes to clean your computer accessories, like mouse, mouse pads, and covers. You can also use this same technique when cleaning game consoles and controllers.


Use a similar strategy to your computer screens that you would on your mobile phones. Most mobile phones are now becoming water proof, but verify your mobile phone is prior to spraying water on it. Cleaning your home phones with wet wipes and a if need be compressed air, will remove bacterial from leaning your face on the phone.

You would be surprised at the bacterial and germs that build on our electronics. This is great time to clean them and avoid any potential illness. We hope these simple tips help you get started.