3 Different Kinds of Home Maintenance and What These Mean to You

Different Kinds of Home MaintenanceWhen it comes to home maintenance, we often concern ourselves with all the different tasks. And home maintennce becomes overwhelming. We create lists of what needs to get taken care of and when. Often forgetting some tasks due to distractions and busy schedules.

There are three different kinds of home maintenance that can help you understand how to prioritize tasks and also how to schedule these tasks moving forward.

Preventive Home Maintenance

When it comes to saving money on energy bills or creating more efficiency in your home, there are tasks that can help manage these goals. Tasks like checking your heating and air conditioning units regularly, changing your air filters to allow good air flow through your home, and flushing a hot water heater. Each of these tasks will help your equipment run efficiently. And therefore reduce your energy bills saving you money in your overall budget.

These preventative maintenance tasks can also extend the life of your equipment and appliances in your home. For instance, if you clean out your refrigerator coils you will see a reduction in the need to run your refrigerator. And further, you will see that your refrigerator can last for years longer than its expected use. This enables you to save money both in the short term and the long term.

Home Maintenance for Safety and Health Reasons

There is nothing worse than having a constantly sick child and you can figure out why they are sick all the time. Or you have a smoky kitchen and your smoke detector does not go off to alert you. If the smoke detector does not work in a kitchen than what happens when a real fire is blazing in your home?

There are home maintenance tasks that you can take care of that protect your home and your family. Tasks like changing the batteries in your smoke detectors, testing your carbon monoxide detectors, and checking your windows inside and out to see if there is water damage. These tasks will help your prepare for a fire, gas leak or potential mold situation. Cleaning out the lint in the back of your dryer and cleaning out your fume hood over your stove of grease will both prevent fires from occurring.

Checking your roof for leaks along with your windows and cleaning out your gutters will prevent water from seeping into your walls. Water in your home creates water damage and ultimately mold causing risk of serious illness in your home.

Design Home Maintenance

When it comes to keeping your home looking fresh and clean, there are home maintenance tasks that we call design oriented home maintenance.  These tasks like fertilizing your lawn, trimming your bushes and trees, and deadheading plants will keep your gardens looking lush and green. Tasks like wiping down your baseboards and cleaning your ceiling fans will keep your home looking brand new.

A home’s value can be viewed by the look of the home. If the home looks well kept and clean, then the value of it increases.

With these types of home maintenance tasks you can get more organized on how to prioritize your tasks while also saving money, keeping your home looking great and protecting your home and your family.