5 Fall Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Home

5 Fall Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling HomeThere are often areas in our homes that have been forgotten in the cleaning process. Or we just cannot remember when we cleaned it last. Therefore, we start talking to ourselves saying did we or didn’t we clean this area. Generally, we do not answer ourselves because we often cannot remember the last time we cleaned our light fixtures. 

These five areas in our homes are good to clean in order to make our homes sparkle.

Clean Your Light Fixtures

Light fixtures in our homes collect dust, dirt and an occasional bug. Especially our ceiling lights. We often forget to look up.  Getting out the ladder and the best cleaning solutions, will remove all the dust and grime to reveal a clean bulb. A clean bulb will let all the light into the room. Scheduling this task periodically throughout the year will keep your home bright when lights are on.

If some of your lights are attached to ceiling fans, this is a bonus opportunity to clean the blades. Removing the dust that has built up on the blades, will also remove the dust particles from the room.

Clean Your Small Appliances

Toaster ovens, waffle makers, panini machines, blenders, mixers and other small appliances usually get cleaned right after they are used. However, many small appliances have difficult to reach parts that could use a clean. It is a good idea to clean your small appliances in detail to make sure there are no food particles getting in to your food while you are preparing it.

Additionally, if your small appliances are on your kitchen counters, think about how great they will look. Your kitchen will look brand new. Use a mixture of white vinegar and water and scrub away. Remember your coffee maker. Because your coffee will actually taste better with a clean.

Clean Your Glass Cabinets and Interior Shelving

Your cabinets throughout your home collect dust. Your glass cabinets are specifically more visible because of the glass. A good clean of the shelving and the glass doors will help give a beautiful, bright, brand new look and feel to your cabinets. Remove all the items in the cabinets, dust the shelving areas. Use glass cleaner to clean any glass area of the shelving. Talk about sparkle. These freshly cleaned cabinets can make your room change its entire look and feel.

Wash Glassware on Open Shelves

Open shelving cabinets are great places to showcase a special collection. Some folks may use open shelving to store glass products like wine glasses, decanters or cocktail glasses. These glasses easily collect dust while sitting in the cabinets. Periodically, removing the glasses from the cabinets and washing them, will get glasses sparkling. By periodically cleaning these glasses, you will also have them ready to drink from when you are ready for that favorite glass of wine.

Simply remove the glasses and if they are dishwasher safe, turn on the dishwasher with them in it. If not, wash them by hand. Adding some white vinegar will help your glasses sparkle. After the glasses are dry, use a lint free microfiber towel to polish them. This will also remove any spots or smudges.

Wax Wood Furniture

You remember when you could see your face in your wood tables? With a little amount of furniture oil, you can get your wood furniture glossy enough to see your face. By polishing your wood furniture, you are also moisturizing the wood which prevents it from splitting. Add a wood wax after polishing the wood to seal the polish into the wood. This wax will also reduce the amount of dust that collects on your wood furniture.

With these five fall cleaning tips you are sure to get your home sparkling. And just in time for the holidays!