Top 10 Things That Need Fixing When You Buy a New Home

Top 10 Things That Need Fixing When You Buy a New HomeWhen you buy your new home, you are excited and exhilarated. You are moving and living in this amazing new place. But then you move in and all of a sudden your need to start fixing quirky things that you did not see when you first looked at the house. These are the top things in the house that generally need fixing when you buy a new home.

It’s good practice to set aside some money for these fix it and repair projects when buying your home.

Replacing Light Bulbs with Energy Efficient Bulbs

You can immediately start saving money with more energy efficient light bulbs. So setting aside some time and money to buy these bulbs and to replace them around the house will be helpful to your budget. Replacing light bulbs can be done in one simple hour. It is worth your time to save money in the long term.

Replacing Hoses Around the House

Hoses wear out over time. They are left outside and the sun and cold weather cause them to be less effective. Changing hoses with new hoses can help manage the pressure in your hose and prevent any leaks.

Replacing Air Filters

Replacing air filters is important to ensure you have clean air and good functioning heating and air conditioning units. It is good to do this immediately as you probably do not know when the air filters were last changed unless you asked for a HomeZada review of the house.

Replace Water Filters

Your home may have a water filter system in it. Like the air filters, you do not know when the water filters were last changed. It is good practice to change the filters and set up a schedule when you will continue to replace them.

Clean out the Dryer Vent

Cleaning out the dryer vent will prevent fires from occurring in your laundry room. This is another one of those task that is best to schedule. Cleaning out the dryer vent is a good task to accomplish at least once per year. Without knowing when it was last cleaned, it is best to do it yourself. Some people have not cleaned their dryer vent for 10 years. That is a huge risk of fire. And a clogged dryer vent, will force your clothes dryer to work harder. Thus increasing your energy bill.

Clean the Stove Filter or Fume Hood

This is important and like the dryer vent, this area can cause a fire with grease build up. Without knowing when the previous owners cleaned the stove filter or fume hood, you are better off taking care of this immediately rather than later. Not to mention, your food will taste better.

Check all the Home GFIs

This is a great little task that can be highly valuable. Walk around your home, test if all the GFIs are working. If you run into ones that are not, then replace them. Pay attention when you unhook the original and replace it with the new GFI. If you are uncomfortable, hire an electrician to help you.

Check the Sprinkler System

Your new home may have a sprinkler system. It is important to walk around your yard while the sprinkler system is on and to make sure all the water is flowing and flowing properly. Some of your sprinkler heads may be broken and you need to replace drip caps or sprinklers to keep water on plants. This will also prevent wasted water from overflowing elsewhere. By replacing broken sprinkler heads, you will also save money on your water bill.

Change Your Locks

You do not know who the previous owners gave a key to while living in their home. They may have given it to family members, cleaning providers or other professionals. The last thing you want is unknowns coming into your home. Change the locks to avoid any issues.

Check Garage Door Safety Light

There is a safety light on automatic garage doors. This safety light protects pets, children, and adults from getting hurt and cars from getting damaged. It is good to test this light before opening and closing your garage doors.

These simple fixes make managing your new home easier.