How to Love Your Home Again

How to Love Your Home AgainIf you’re not “feelin’ the love” for your home that you did when you first moved in, that doesn’t mean it’s time to “up anchor” and find a new place to live – often all it takes is a few changes to make your house feel like home again. Read More

3 Things You Think Add Value to Your Home That Probably Don’t

3 Things You Think Add Value to Your Home That Probably Don'tReal estate markets are truly different everywhere you go, so what stands true for one area might not be the same for another. And when you add in timing – whether it’s a “buyer’s market” or a “seller’s market” – it gets that much more difficult to really know what will impact a home’s value. Read More

HomeZada Adds Additional Currency Formats

HomeZada continues to reach customers in other areas of the world. Many of these customers operate in different currencies. HomeZada adds additional currency formats, Euro and Pound, at the property level. Many international customers and people with homes in different countries can now set a “Property Currency” from the Settings tab on the Property Details. This changes the currency symbol and format in all the charts, dashboards, scorecards and data entry fields accordingly. Read More