How to Clean Ceramic Tile Flooring

1. Regularly sweep or vacuum your tile floors to prevent them from getting dull. While the tiles themselves are dirt resistant, the glazed surface can get scratched up by dirt and debris, making them look dull.

2. Use the right type of floor mop. Use a mild detergent and clean water using a chamois-type mop or rag. Sponge mops push dirty water into the grout lines causing them to wear down and making them more difficult to clean. Change the water frequently when mopping to make the tiles shine.

3. If you find a stain on your tile floor try to figure out what type of stain it is before trying to treat it. There are special cleaners available for removing stains from ceramic tile flooring or if you prefer to use what you have on hand use the following guide for common stains:

  • ⬥ Blood: diluted bleach or hydrogen peroxide
  • ⬥ Coffee, juice or tea: Use detergent and hot water, followed by diluted bleach or hydrogen peroxide
  • ⬥ Gum, tar or wax: Put ice cubes in a sealable plastic bag and lay it over the stain. When it solidifies use a wooden craft stick to remove as much of the material as possible. Use non-flammable paint thinner to remove any residue followed by detergent and water.
  • ⬥ Grease stains: Use club soda and water or a gentle floor cleaner.
  • ⬥ Ink or dye: Using diluted bleach soak a clean cloth and let sit on the stain. Leave it in place until the ink or dye is transferred entirely to the cloth then rinse the floor well.
  • ⬥ Iodine: Scrub with diluted ammonia, then rinse well.
  • ⬥ Nail polish: Nail polish remover should remove the stain, but if it doesn’t use hydrogen peroxide or diluted bleach to shift it.

4. Clean grout lines are key to keeping your ceramic tile floors looking great.

  • ⬥ Using either a commercial grout cleaner or a mild bleach solution use a small scrub brush – even a toothbrush can work – to scrub the grout lines as needed.
  • ⬥ If the stain isn’t moving try baking soda and water, letting it sit overnight. The next day, scrub the stain with a nylon brush and let air dry.
  • ⬥ Seal the grout with a silicone-based grout sealer to prevent future stains and to keep dirt from eating away at your grout lines.

5. If you’ve cleaned your ceramic tile floors and they still look hazy it’s possible that you’re looking at soapy residue left behind from your cleaning.

6. Use a gentle, all-purpose cleaner or make your own using a mild acid like lemon juice to restore the shine to your ceramic tile floors.7. Finally, dry your tiles – don’t let them air dry or you’ll have water spots. Use a clean, lint-free cloth right after washing to leave your floors sparkling.