7 Home Improvement Projects You Can Do in a Weekend

1. Transform your entrance

Does your front door invite people to step in or does your outdoor furniture look worn and faded?

First impressions are important even if you’re not concerned about selling. After all, you and your family deserve to come home to a home you enjoy.

Some quick and easy ways to spruce up your home’s entry include:

  • ⬥ A new welcome mat (it’s even possible to get one custom made with your family name or monogram)
  • ⬥ Colorful potted plants in beautiful vases
  • ⬥ Outdoor lighting accents to light up your walkway and/or your home’s exterior
  • ⬥ Repaint your door or replace it with a new one
  • ⬥ Replace the hardware on your door
  • ⬥ Add a new brick or stone walkway, or repair the one you have

2. Spruce up your entryway

Even if you have a small space it’s possible to really help your entryway make a statement.

Some ways include:

  • ⬥ Hanging a large statement piece on the wall so that it’s one of the first things you see as you open your door.
  • ⬥ Adding a small console table with a basket for your keys, purse, mail, etc.
  • ⬥ Mounting large hooks along one wall for coats and bookbags. You can even put a shelf above the hooks for items such as hats, gloves, etc.

3. Brighten your kitchen fixtures

Do your kitchen fixtures look old and worn.

A new faucet will quickly improve the look of a kitchen and can be easily done in a weekend. Just make sure to measure accurately for a good fit.

The hardware on your drawers and cabinets are fast and easy to switch out with different styles, colors and/or materials, but again…take careful measurements so that you don’t have to drill new holes or seal up the old ones.

Add a little light by changing the light fixtures or adding more lights (e.g. under cabinet task lighting) to really brighten your kitchen.

4. Add or change up your interior molding

The changes to your trim will depend on your home’s design, but it’s fast and easy to change the entire look of a room with the addition of molding.

Trim is available in many different widths, designs, and even materials, so you’ll have a lot of options to choose from.

5. Liven up the walls

Some quick and easy ways to change the appearance of any room is to change the walls.

For example:

  • ⬥ Paint a single wall in a contrasting color
  • ⬥ Paint all of the walls in a room
  • ⬥ Add borders
  • ⬥ Wallpaper a single wall or the entire room
  • ⬥ Create a chair rail and put beadboard below it
  • ⬥ Add peel and stick wall decals
  • ⬥ Create a picture gallery wall or add new artwork that you’ve made yourself, or purchase new works of art

6. Medicine cabinet

Install a new medicine cabinet or change the look of the existing one(s) by painting – or adding contact paper – to the inside wall.

7. Change interior doors

Most people don’t give the interior doors a second thought, but one of the easiest ways to really improve the look of your home is with the interior doors.

Instead of the standard hollow doors, opt for solid wood ones, with intricate designs and/or styling. It’s easy to change out the doorknobs for more stylish ones too.

Other door ideas include:

  • ⬥ Folding doors for the pantry or laundry areas
  • ⬥ A rustic, sliding barn door
  • ⬥ Bypass doors for closets
  • ⬥ French doors leading into the master bedroom or living room

Finally, if you’re changing out more than one door at a time it may be worth hiring someone to come in and quickly change them out for you.