Backyard Renovation Ideas For 2020 That Will Increase Property Value

Upgrades to your backyard are often the very elements that prospective buyers are looking for in their search for their dream home. Whether you plan on staying in your home or are looking to list your home in the near future, adding or improving your backyard may add real monetary value to your home.

Backyard renovation ideas for 2020 that will increase property value include some of the following.


The fences surrounding your home serve vital roles in both form and function. They act as the first line of security around your property while giving the first impression of your home to visitors and those passing by. A solid, sturdy, and great looking fence affects the resale value of your property.

Here are some factors in how fencing can increase property values.


Fences can be used to block out undesirable views and muffle sounds from busy streets or noisy neighbors.

Serving a Purpose:

Prospective homebuyers who have pets will want a fully enclosed fence. While others will seek the privacy of tall fences that block out neighboring spaces.

Fencing Materials:

What your fencing is made from and how it is painted or stained can have a big impact on the resale value of the home. Solid fences present a more secure and aesthetically pleasing look. Using techniques like staining pressure treated wood to look like cedar gives a strong curb appeal that lasts a long time.  

Porch Ceilings

It’s like adding another room. Installing exterior beadboard on your porch ceiling has no structural or protective qualities. However, adding beadboard looks great. Plus, beadboard gives your porch an interior look.

Beadboard panels are relatively easy to install over the plywood of your porch ceiling. They can be painted or stained to match the color scheme and style of the home and porch. Porch ceiling finishes can add character and warmth to your home’s exterior, which increases the overall property value.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are one of the most popular backyard renovation projects for homeowners in the 21st century. These are highly desired features for homebuyers in 2020. Having a fully functional kitchen in your backyard to some is a prerequisite to a backyard.

Entertaining has never been easier. Unlike a pool, a fully covered and protected outdoor kitchen can be put to great use throughout the year, no matter the weather. Permeable paving techniques allow water to drain properly into the ground keeping your outdoor kitchen area dry.

Patio Deck and Seating Areas

A new or renovated patio deck with seating and gathering areas can add great value to your home. Utilizing a deck calculator will make sure you install the perfect deck for your home.

Furniture and seating areas accent decks and patios that offer places to gather with friends and family. Plus, they add real value to the property.


The way your home is landscaped is a direct reflection on the look and condition of the house. This landscaping also affects the property value for resale purposes. Finely manicured lawns with professional hardscaping accents will add significant value to the home.

Common ways to increase the value of your property through landscaping include:

  • Make sure the landscaping style matches the look and character of your home. Your landscaping design should complement your home design without presenting a look of clutter or disorganization.
  • Planting trees on your property can add significant property value while providing shade. Additionally, trees add depth to the overall look of your home.
  • Neat, straight edging along your lawn’s borders and driveway areas make a great impact on the care and attention your home receives.

Outdoor Lighting

Exterior lighting around your home adds depth, character, and style to your home, as well as a host of security benefits to the overall safety. Rapid advances in Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology provide a wide range of options to light the outside of your home, as well as your yard, driveway, and other exterior areas.

Lights strategically placed throughout the exterior of your home can brighten up sitting areas, pathways, and lawns. Outdoor lighting will make your home look its best and provide valuable deterrents to criminals.

Backyard renovations add value to your home, as well as increase the enjoyment of the homeowner. When you consider remodeling your home, ensure you get the most out of your property by including the backyard in your plans.