How to Pick the Perfect Bed Sheets

Thread count

Yes, a high thread count is no longer a guarantee that those new sheets will last a long time.

Or, that they’ll be nice to sleep on.

So what is thread count anyway?

It’s a measure of the number of threads per square inch in a piece of fabric.

While thread count used to be a reliable indicator of quality that’s no longer the case.

Unless the fabric used to make the sheets is very expensive, those sheets you just bought may have been made with cheaper fabric that’s double twisted.

This process ups the thread count, but not the quality of the material used.

Types of material

Personal preference will dictate the type of material that you’ll love sleeping on.


The most expensive, yet durable cotton is 100% Egyptian. The fibers are durable yet soft, which is why this material is so prized. 

Pima or Supima cotton is a more affordable option. The medium to extra-long staple fibers of this cotton makes it both soft and luxurious.


Linen bed sheets are expensive, but if you live in a hot climate they are an ideal choice because they keep you cool.


These bed sheets are perfect for kids’ beds. They’re durable, which means they can last many washings and they’re wrinkle resistant.


The way the sheet fibers are woven together will impact how it feels to the touch.

Percale is tightly woven and lightweight with a thread count of over 180 threads per square inch. The result is bedding that feels crisp and cool. 

Microfiber is much denser which makes it wrinkle-resistant, very soft and resistant to water.

Sateen bed sheets feel slick and smooth. If you tend to get hot while you sleep you should avoid this fabric as it retains heat. On the other hand, if you hate wrinkly sheets, these are a good choice as they are resistant to wrinkles.

Flannel is a perfect choice for colder climates as it will absorb your body heat and keep you warm all night long.

Finally, linen sheets are light, airy and very breathable. They absorb moisture, which helps if you tend to sweat a lot at night.

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