7 Bedroom Changes for a Better Night’s Sleep

Following are X modifications you can make to your bedroom to promote quickly falling off to sleep and staying asleep

1. Ceiling fan

The white noise from a ceiling fan can whisper you to sleep, while the gentle breeze can help keep you cool. Also, the low operating cost means you won’t have to worry about a higher electricity bill.

Another benefit – you can keep your air conditioner thermostat set a bit higher, reducing your cooling costs and potentially expanding its life span.

Note that if you suffer from allergies, some models have blades that are made from nanoparticles which are designed to stop the build-up of dust.

2. Repaint

Research has shown that colors can have an impact on our emotions.

Bright yellow tones may work well for a dark hallway or entry, but more calm and relaxing colors such as shades of blue, green or even purple are a good choice for bedrooms.

If you do decide to repaint your bedroom, look for low (or zero) VOC paints to eliminate that ‘fresh paint’ smell.

3. Add a reading lamp

Does your partner like to read before going to sleep but you’d rather drop off as soon as your head hits the pillow?

Instead of trying to bury your head under the covers until the bedroom light is turned off, add an adjustable reading lamp to your bedroom.

Now your partner can read their book, and you can fall asleep in blissful darkness.

4. Change your “wake-up” plan

While getting the recommended hours of sleep is important, the restfulness you feel can be impacted by how you’re woken up too.

Rather than get jarred out of bed by a loud and annoying alarm clock, why not change your alarm clock for something that wakes you up slowly?

For example, some alarm clocks will wake you with music you’ve added. Others will slowly add light to the room and add soothing scents to the air to provide a more ‘natural” waking experience.

5. Add an Air Purifier

As any allergy sufferer will tell you, constant interruptions in their sleep due to allergic reactions is frustrating. Fortunately, these problems can be massively reduced with the use of an air purifier.

There are a huge number of air purifiers in the market, but as a rule of thumb, look for ones with permanent filters that can be easily cleaned, and which are suited to the size area it will be used in.

6. Get a New Mattress

Aside from its appearance (e.g. sagging) if you toss and turn – or lie awake for hours – it could be time to change your mattress.

Another sign is its age. Experts recommend you get a new mattress at least every 10 years (mattress salespeople say 8). So if you’re sleeping on a 20-year old mattress don’t go to bed…stop what you’re doing right now…and get yourself a new bed!

7. Install Blackout Shades

Bright sunlight streaming through the window and blasting your closed eyelids is clearly not inducive to good sleep. That’s why blackout shades are a good addition to any bedroom. 

Once you’re awake, however, pull those blinds open and let the sunlight strengthen your circadian rhythms before starting your day.