5 Convincing Reasons to Keep Backyard Chickens

1. Fresh and healthy eggs

One of the most overlooked aspects of owning chickens is the eggs they provide. The fresh eggs provided by backyard chickens are renowned by many for having darker yolks and a richer flavor which makes them perfect to eat with breakfast. These eggs will also enhance any baked goods they are cooked in by creating a lighter, fluffier texture not found in common supermarket eggs. You can also be certain that the chickens that laid the eggs were not treated with growth hormones or other chemicals that could taint your eggs. Once you try an egg from your own backyard chickens, it will be hard to go back to supermarket eggs.

2. Shoo, fly!

With Summer quickly approaching, it will come time once again to break out the bug spray and fight the never ending battle to keep those pesky mosquitos at bay. A little known fact about backyard chickens is that owning them can actually help lessen this seasonal barrage of bugs. No matter the breed, all chickens love to eat mosquitos and their larvae. This means that your chickens can actually serve as a simple organic solution to keep bugs away from your home without the use of pesticides.

3. Great pets

 Anyone who has cared for backyard chickens will tell you they are excellent pets. Chickens eat less than typical house pets which can save tons of money on pet food in the long run. They are also very intelligent and friendly animals, and can make great pets for children. Watching chickens can also be hours of free entertainment. From laying eggs, to catching frogs, you never know what a chicken will do. For all these reasons, a chicken is a great alternative to pets such as dogs and cats, while still providing the enjoyment of owning a highly social pet.

4. Delicious soup

 Older hens that are no longer producing eggs can actually make terrific stew meat and were widely used by chefs prior to 1980 when hens were no longer sold in supermarkets. The only way to try this delicious soup now is by keeping your own chickens and making the dish yourself. This secret recipe is sure to impress family and friends alike and can quickly become a dinner time staple in any home.

5. Save chickens from factory farm life

 Lastly, and quite possibly the most important reason for keeping backyard chickens is saving them from living on a factory farm. Anyone who knows some of the cruelties of factory farming will know the importance of saving animals from this fate. Owning just one chicken of your own means that one fewer chicken will spend their life in a cage. Doing this also decreases the demand for store bought eggs, which eases the pressure on factory farms to continue to produce eggs at such high rates.

For those who have never heard of backyard chicken keeping before, the idea of bringing chickens home might sound a little strange. Hopefully these five convincing reasons were able to show you some of the many benefits that can come from keeping backyard chickens.