The Best Waterfront Areas To Buy Property In

The Best Waterfront Areas To Buy Property In

There’s something refreshing about making your dwelling along a beautiful natural shoreline, whether you’re near the ocean or a lake. You get a nice view, cooler air, and easy access to some outdoor activities that you can’t do in landlocked locations. Although you may have your heart set on finding a home near the water, it’s not always clear where exactly to direct your sights. If you need some initial guidance, check out the best waterfront areas to buy property in that we list below.

Saint Petersburg, FL

You may have heard of Miami, but Saint Petersburg is also a great spot to purchase a home right by the ocean. It borders the Gulf of Mexico, so its waters are a bit calmer. The city is a favorite among retirees, though younger residents have been moving there more often in recent times. With Saint Petersburg, you will get an overall peaceful atmosphere with plenty of sunshine. In fact, its nickname is the “Sunshine City,” and it holds a Guinness World Record for 768 straight days of sunshine. Property values are also not as sky-high there as in some busier waterfront destinations in the U.S.

Chelan, WA

Chelan is a lake town that is about three hours away from Seattle by car. The entrancing Lake Chelan that the town surrounds sits in a valley between mountains, forming a truly picturesque backdrop. Consider this as one of the best waterfront areas to buy property in if you’re an outdoorsy individual. After all, the lake and landscape aren’t only for visual appeal. You can venture out to participate in paddling, sailing, and fishing in the warmer months and skiing, snowshoeing, and snow tubing when it gets colder. Property values vary, depending on the home type, with condominiums being more affordable and full-scale houses being more expensive.

Martha’s Vineyard, MA

For a taste of Northeastern luxury, there’s no better place to acquire a home than in Martha’s Vineyard. The Vineyard is actually an island that sits off the coast of Massachusetts. You can only access it by boat or plane, which contributes to its idyllic ambiance and makes it a renowned tourist spot. Once there, you’ll see old-fashioned architecture and bright beaches. The history of Martha’s Vineyard as we know it today is also rich and reaches as far back as colonial times. You should expect prices to be high, though they do vary depending on which of the six towns on the Vineyard you’re considering.

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