Rays of Renovations: 6 Summer Essentials to Add to Your Home

Rays of Renovations: 6 Summer Essentials to Add to Your Home

Are you looking to brighten up your home for summer? These six summer essentials will make your home the envy of the neighborhood. Whether you are striving to keep the kids entertained or planning a beautiful gathering space, building the perfect backyard sanctuary is a summer project for the whole family. 

Upright freezer

If your backyard pool is in constant use the entire summer, then chances are you have chlorine-stained footprints from the pool to your kitchen. Pooling and popsicles go hand in hand, but if you want to save space and time (and save those hardwood floors, too), an upright freezer is the backyard addition your house has been craving. Keeping a well-stocked freezer close to your pool keeps the whole family happy. Stock up on popsicles and frozen fruit for quick snacks, and keep a few ice packs in there for the occasional skinned knee or sunburn. 

Outdoor bar

While the kids can savor the convenience (and sheer awesomeness) of a popsicle-designated freezer, the grown-ups can have the whole neighborhood over for some adult treats from an outdoor bar. With a simple electric hookup, you can have a mini-fridge to keep your beer cold and a blender to crush up a margarita. Buy a bar cart, or haul out your sturdiest table, and you’ve got yourself an at-home bar to entertain and impress the neighbors. A backyard bar is also the opportunity to use those drink umbrellas and curly straws you’ve been holding on to forever. 

Backyard projector

An outdoor projector turns a backyard get-together into a full-fledged movie night. Hang up a projector screen or a bedsheet, or even project directly onto the wall of your house. Hook up a computer to stream your favorite flicks or plug in a game console for some backyard video gaming. Put that outdoor bar to use and grab a drink to go with that popcorn.


A staple of any backyard summer gathering is a firepit. The lighting gives your yard an instant aesthetic boost, and the bonfire smell is what summer dreams are made of. A summer bbq is also never complete without some s’mores. Creating a fire pit area with seating gives your backyard an instant cozy vignette for your guests to enjoy. Pick up a pre-made fire pit from your local hardware store, or try building your own with these easy DIY backyard fire pit instructions. 

Outdoor lounge

What is the point of creating the perfect backyard escape if you have nowhere to sit and enjoy it? A cozy and chic outdoor lounge area takes your outdoor bar and outdoor theater to the next level. Upgrade your old lawn chairs with new cushions, get a durable outdoor coffee table, and string up some lights for the most instagrammable backyard in town. 

Planter boxes

For a more practical addition to your yard, planter boxes give you the option of a garden without the commitment of a garden. Buy pre-made planter boxes or build them yourself and have fresh herbs and produce all summer long. Find the sunniest part of your yard for a veggie planter box, or keep a small herb box close to the back door for quick additions to your favorite summer dishes. Grab a handful of fresh mint and whip up a mojito at your backyard bar. 

Final thoughts

No summer is complete without at least one epic backyard bbq. With pool games and popsicles for the kids and backyard lounging for the adults, your backyard will be the talk of the town among curious neighbors. So, flip on a movie and end the night with some s’mores at your firepit. With some simple improvements, your backyard can become a sanctuary your guests will never want to leave. 

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