Unexpected Ways Your Plumbing Can Get Clogged

Unexpected Ways Your Plumbing Can Get Clogged

The plumbing inside of your house is a little more fragile than you might think. That isn’t to say it will fall apart at the first sign of trouble, but it means you need to do what you can to keep it in good condition. One of the worst problems is a clog. This can quickly make living in your house a huge pain. Keep an eye out for these unexpected ways your plumbing can get clogged so this problem doesn’t sneak up on you.

Tree Root Incursion

Over enough time, tree roots close to your outdoor plumbing lines can break through your pipes. This is a big problem, as it can clog and damage your plumbing. Protecting pipes from tree roots requires some common sense when placing trees and knowledge about how their roots will grow. Figuring out the locations of your pipelines can also help prevent this problem.

Flushable Wipe Usage

Be wary of using any baby or personal wipes that advertise themselves as “flushable.” These wipes take much longer to break down than toilet paper. They can cause a severe problem if enough of them bunch up inside your pipes.

Grease Buildup

Have you ever heard that you shouldn’t pour grease down your kitchen sink? Grease, fats, and oils can cool in your pipes and harden onto the sides. Eventually, all that grease can block off your pipes and cause them to malfunction. Always dispose of grease and fats in a trash can once they’ve cooled down and hardened.

Soap Scum

Perhaps one of the most unexpected ways your plumbing can get clogged is from the soap you use to wash your hands. Some soaps, bar soaps specifically, leave behind a thin film of residue on whatever they touch. This residue builds up over time, becoming what we know as “soap scum.” This soap scum can build up inside your pipes, choking them and causing a clog that you’ll need to get fixed.

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