Common TV Problems and How To Fix Them

Common TV Problems and How To Fix Them

For many people, our TVs are our main source of entertainment, which is why it’s so frustrating when something goes wrong with them. You don’t have to just live with these problems; you can deal with them yourself. Serious problems with your TV might involve something like installing a new motherboard, but most issues with your TV aren’t nearly that complicated to identify and repair. We’ll go over some common TV problems and how to fix them so you can do it yourself.

The Remote Doesn’t Work

The first step to fixing this common problem is to make sure your remote doesn’t need new batteries. If new batteries don’t fix the problem, you can try this trick to see where the problem lies:

  1. Point your phone’s camera at the front of the remote
  2. Look through the camera
  3. Press any button on the remote
  4. Watch for any lights to come on through your camera’s lens

If you see a light, the TV itself might be on the wrong input or in an outlet that doesn’t work anymore. If you don’t see a light, you may need to get a replacement remote.

No Picture Even When the TV Is On

If you know the TV is on, but you don’t have a picture, the problem could simply be that you’re on the wrong input. Look for a button on the remote that says “source” or “input” and use that to find the correct input setting. Make sure that all connections to the cable box are secure. Consider unplugging and plugging the cable box back in to reset the TV.

You Hear Echoing Audio

Echoing audio is a common TV problem that’s easy to fix. The most likely culprit is that you have multiple audio sources that are both playing your TV’s sound at the same time. This happens when you have a separate audio device, like surround sound speakers, and the TV has its own speakers. Turn down the volume all the way on either your audio device or on the TV, and the echo should stop.

The Picture Breaks Up

When your picture breaks up regularly, it’s usually a sign of a weak signal between your TV and the source of your cable. Inspect the connections between your TV and the cable box as well as the connections between the cable box and the wall outlet. This problem tends to fix itself once you tighten the connection points on everything.

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