5 Home Improvement Projects to Do Before Winter Hits

5 Home Improvement Projects to Do Before Winter Hits

Summer break is almost over. Isn’t it time for the much-needed repair or addition to preparing your home for winter? 

While it’s risky to do a project when it’s snowing, summertime is a busy season for construction. This makes fall the best time to do any remodeling or renovation. You can even get your materials at lower prices when you get them done before the holiday season. However, for your project to be successful, be sure to prepare for it early — that’s during spring or early summer.

If you’re planning for your last home improvement projects of the year, here are five pre-winter suggestions to consider. These will surely add value to your home and make it comfortable when winter comes.

1. Insulate Pipes.

You don’t want your pipes to burst in cold weather, right? This makes pipe insulation a top home improvement project to do before the cold season.

Why should you insulate your pipes? Insulation primarily works to decrease the heat transfer in a system or reduce heat loss. It helps keep the fluid temperature in the pipe above the freezing point, as well as prevents pipe sweating due to condensation and ruin any framed large photo prints you may have. If you fail to insulate pipes and they become exposed to walls or unheated spaces, they can freeze, burst, and worse, flood your home. If you fail to insulate pipes and they become exposed to walls or unheated spaces, they can freeze, burst, and worse, flood your home. 

Some areas in your home that can have uninsulated pipes are garages, crawlspaces, and basements. Consider looking at these spots before winter comes and it is too late.

2. Schedule Your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Tune-Up.

Bills will be higher in winter. And you know why. We tend to use more electricity during winter as we want to be warm. But is your HVAC system well-maintained? Are you sure you won’t have any problem when it’s time to turn it on?

You shouldn’t make the same mistake as many homeowners do — checking their HVAC only when they have an issue with it. If you do, expect some very cold days at home. So whether you want to do it yourself or have someone service it, be sure to maintain your system. And don’t forget to change the filters when needed.

3. Clean Your Gutters.

The risk to your gutters is not only when the leaves have fallen from the trees. More so if you forget to clean them before winter. When clogged with leaves, debris, and water, water backs up or freezes. This will then create a few problems, including sagging gutters, possible structural damage and expensive repairs. Clogged gutters can also result in ice dams, which can be heavy and tear your gutters from your roof.

When cleaning gutters, you can use a hand scraper to get rid of anything that’s lodged. Also, be sure to fix leaks and cracks.

4. Convert Your Attic or Basement.

If you want a new storage unit or a separate living area, then this improvement project is probably for you. You can work on your unfinished attic or basement to add another liveable space to your house. Not only does it help you get the most value out of it, but it also gives you a chance to work on your insulation in preparation for winter.

However, converting your attic or basement into something else is a big job. Don’t dare to do it DIY style unless you are a professional.

5. Install Paving Stone Patios and Walkways.

This last improvement project on our list will not only add to your home’s visual appeal; it will also help you avoid muddy patches in your yard, especially if you opt for slip-resistant paving stones.

Walkways and paving stone patios are beautiful, and they make for a great outdoor entertaining area. However, during winter, they tend to rise and fall due to the ground freezing and thawing. This is why you should make sure to get high-quality stones, bricks and pavement products so they will be able to withstand the harsh winter elements.

Do you think you are now ready to get your project started? We hope that these home improvement ideas before winter give you inspiration on what upgrades to do. If you have other before-winter home projects you want to do this year, please feel free to share with us in the comment section. 

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    • Some say these numbers are correct while others may say otherwise depending on region and marketability!