How to Care for Valuables in Your Home

How to Care for Valuables in Your Home

As a homeowner, you undoubtedly have plenty of valuable belongings in your home. Valuables can be expensive pieces, such as a smart TV or artwork, or they can be sentimental items you inherited, such as antiques or jewelry. Keeping your valuables protected and well maintained can ensure they remain around for decades. After all, you wouldn’t buy a home without insuring your purchase, so don’t leave your valuables unprotected. Here are eight tips for caring for your valuables.

1. Research Proper Cleaning Techniques Specific to Your Item

Make cleaning your valuables part of your regular home upkeep schedule. While some valuables might be easy to clean, others might require research to ensure you don’t accidentally use the wrong chemicals. These delicate valuables may include jewelry, canvas art, sculptures, and silver heirlooms. Research the best way to clean these items to avoid warping or discoloration.

2. Dust Frequently

Regularly dust your furniture, electronics, and art — even if it’s hanging high on your walls. Doing this can not only help your valuables shine, but in the case of electronics, it can prevent dust from clogging open ports, which can cause usage problems.

3. Purchase Homeowners Insurance That Covers Valuables

If you have many valuables of a particularly high value, it may make sense to invest in homeowners insurance with coverage for those items. To ensure your items are protected in case of theft or damage, you’ll want to catalog and price your items for the insurance policy. It may be an extra cost each month, but it can provide you with peace of mind knowing your investments are protected. Plus, if you’re eligible for a home buyer rebate after purchasing your home, the extra cash could make additional insurance even more affordable.

4. Keep Easily Damaged Items Away From Children, Pets

It’s no surprise that breakables and young kids don’t mix. Even if you don’t have children, pets can also accidentally damage a valuable item.

Store or display items of value up high where children or pets cannot reach them or accidentally knock them over. You can store particularly fragile items in display cases so you can still enjoy them worry free.

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