4 Home Improvement Resolutions for 2023

4 Home Improvement Resolutions for 2023
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A new year is just around the corner, and as it gets closer, the resolutions follow as always. December is usually the time to summarize and revise the past year and make our plans for the next one. 

New Year resolutions often include very personal things, like getting more healthy, working out more frequently, or looking for a better job. These are mostly stereotypical resolutions, but there is more to it than just “I am going to start working out regularly after the holidays.” 

Making resolutions and visualizing yourself achieving them can be helpful to obtain the motivation needed for action. It is similar to manifesting, so if it helps you feel more motivated and confident, go for it. 

Here is a bit different list of resolutions for the upcoming 2023. Hint: it is all about home improvement!

Home check-up

The end of the year is a great time to do a thorough check-up on your home. And we mean thorough. From floors to ceilings, from the garage and the backyard to the attic, everything needs to be carefully checked.

This might sound like a waste of time, especially if you have a traditional bigger house, but hear us out. You will invest some time to do that for sure, but you might notice certain problems or stuff that needs repair on time. This means that you will know before it goes beyond repair or costs more money to fix.

Check for potential leakage, draught, or mold, especially in the areas of the house that are not frequently in use – such as the basement and attic. If you notice anything out of ordinary, you can sit down and plan your action calmly, without having a nasty surprise.

Budget planning

After you are done with the check-up phase, it is a great time to start planning your budget. Grab a pen and paper and start making lists. This way you can roughly calculate how much money would you need for which investment.

Home Improvement Resolutions for 2023
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Do not forget to list your regular home expenses such as bills, property taxes, and similar. If you are looking to move into a bigger home or finally get a home of your own, now would be the time to break down the budget you have.

Get all the information you need before finalizing the numbers. Consult the professionals for questions such as “How do property tax payments work when you buy a house?”, so you don’t end up with hidden costs.

Bonus tip: Start your savings. Get yourself an emergency fund, just in case. Unpredictable things happen often, and it would be great for you to have some money aside for emergency repairs or similar scenarios. 

Heating, installations, and appliances

Similar idea to the previous one. Take a day off from other obligations and carefully inspect your heating device, cooling, and air-conditioning units. Check if some of those need cleaning or servicing, and make sure you put that on paper when you are planning your home improvement budget.

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Regardless of whether you are currently heating or cooling down your home, checking all of these devices and getting them ready for the next season is always a good idea.

The same goes for appliances, installations, and the overall state of electricity in your home. If you have that one cable, or a socket that should have been replaced already, do not delay it further as it can lead to more serious damage if plugged in mistakenly.

If anything needs maintenance or repair, do not hesitate to hire professionals. When it comes to electrical installations, it is always better safe than sorry.

Esthetic corrections

If your home is in overall good condition, you might want to do some esthetic corrections. They should not be a priority if other more important things are not resolved yet. When you are happy with the sturdiness of your house, you can move on to making it more beautiful and pleasing.

Before you plan a project, make sure your home is deep cleaned. This way you will have a clean slate to begin your work. Go through your stuff and declutter beforehand. If you want to switch up your furniture, try some interesting DIY projects and give the old pieces new style and energy.

4 Home Improvement Resolutions
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If you are definite about getting new furniture, try selling the old one so you have some coins to add to the budget. You can also get into the holiday spirit by donating the furniture to someone in need.

We hope we inspired you to plan some home improvements for 2023. Take your time to plan and calculate your expenses so you do not get overwhelmed. Good luck with your projects!

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