How To Care for Your Lawn Before the Holidays

How To Care for Your Lawn Before the Holidays

When you have a lawn, you have the huge responsibility of taking care of it throughout the year. You might think that you don’t have to maintain your yard because it’s cooler outside during the holiday season, but that’s not true. You will still have a few maintenance tasks to do here and there to keep things up to snuff. Here are some things you should know about caring for your lawn before the holidays to keep things tidy year-round.

Mow and Weed Until Frost

You’ll notice that, as the days get shorter, your grass will slowly stop growing until it comes to a dead stop. When this happens, you’ll want to tidy things up a bit and clear off any weeds and brush that might have plagued the property in the warmer months.

Keep the Water on Schedule

You’ll want to stop feeding your grass, but you need to keep an eye on the humidity and rainfall. If you have long droughts in between periods of rain, you’ll want to make sure and soak your lawn every now and then to keep it healthy.

Inspect and Treat Your Yard

Take a moment to sweep your yard for any kind of insects that might be prowling around. A common menace is ants, and you may wonder why there are so many ants on your lawn. You need to keep your yard healthy and well-maintained to keep ants away.

You’ll also want to keep your yard free from disease, so make sure you stay educated on plant and garden diseases so that you’ll know what to look for.

Landscape While It’s Cool

Now that everything has slowed down in its production and growth, you can get ahold of those bushes and the thicker areas that were harder to get to during the warmer seasons. If you take care of this now, it will be much easier to deal with once the weather begins to warm up and everything starts growing again.

Before things start to go into bloom within the next few months, make sure you’re taking your time trimming and getting everything under control for the new year’s growth. This is how to care for your lawn before the holidays.

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