10 Ways to Organize Kitchen Utensils

10 Ways to Organize Kitchen Utensils
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Many of us have so many kitchen tools that they can easily fill up our kitchen drawers. Most of us have a ton of kitchenware, including wooden spoons, whisks, and other items. 

Often these tools end up becoming a jumbled mess in a drawer – or several drawers. Fortunately, you have options if you struggle with this too.

Using these simple and attractive organization ideas, get your kitchenware organized once and for all.

1. They can be hung on a pegboard

A pegboard, which is frequently used for tools in a garage or workshop, is also useful for storing kitchen utensils. One was hung in Julia Child’s kitchen, after all.

2. Hang them on the cabinet sides.

As this Chicago home demonstrates, you can hang your utensils even if you don’t have any wall space. You only need to hang a bar or a few hooks on the side of your cabinets and you’ve got instant storage!

3. Hang them inside your cabinets

Have you ever thought about utilizing the vertical space in your kitchen that is currently unused? To save space in the drawers, store your utensils inside the cabinet door. 

Many of your kitchen utensils can be hung here, which is truly the ideal location. For some of your favorite spices, like parsley, garlic, and onion powder, you can also install some wooden spice racks!

4. Arrange them in a drawer on an angle

Kitchen Utensils
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You can make drawer space more efficient by storing long utensils diagonally. So straightforward, yet brilliant. 

5. In large crocks

10 Ways to Organize Kitchen Utensils
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We’re assuming you’ve already heard of utensil crocks. We’re simply here to emphasize that there is always room for expansion. I say bigger. 

Choose the largest crocks you can find to store a variety of tools in one container, such as old stoneware pickle crocks.

6. Suspend them from the pot rack

10 Organize Kitchen Utensils
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Pot racks are good for more than just pots! Simply add hooks, then hang. 

7. Magnetic knife strips are handy

10 Kitchen Utensils
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Any magnetic object can be held by a magnetic knife strip. This covers items like spoons, ladles, whisks, and other utensils made of stainless steel.

8. Make Your Own Rotating Tool Caddy

Stainless steel cups and a lazy susan can be used to make a rotating utensil caddy. Simply glue (or screw) the stainless steel cups to the top of the utensil caddy, making this actually quite easy to make. 

9. An under-cabinet rotating lazy susan

10 Ways to Organize Kitchen Utensils
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Here’s another, very clever way to make use of vertical space.

Simply screw some hooks into a wooden lazy susan, then attach to the bottom of your kitchen cabinet. A quick turn will give you access to whatever utensil you’re looking for!

10. Set utensils in order for small spaces

Ways to Organize Kitchen Utensils
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Finally, use a towel bar with shower curtain hooks to hang your utensils on the wall or inside cabinet doors. To make it easier to access everything, you can also install a magnetic strip to hang your knives. 

This space saving option is advantageous if your kitchen has a limited number of drawers, which is common in tiny kitchens.

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