Tools for Pantry Organization

Pantry Organization

Getting a pantry organized can be tricky. You might have food, spices, containers and serving pieces all in a pantry. All these different items makes your pantry crowded. Here are some tools and tips that can help you with better pantry organization.

Try using see through containers and labels to understand exactly what you have for food preparations. We recommend you keep similar items on similar shelves. For instance, boxes on the same shelf, cans and jars on another and so on. Try using back of the door space if you have it available.  A pantry organization tool like this one can store a number of household goods.

Try using storage containers and baskets to better manage utensils and cookbooks. These containers and baskets can help create a method to your organization. Try using a can rack  to allow for more stackable storage. Can racks are good for a pantry and a refrigerator. If you are a soda drinker, you can use racks to store cans of soda similarly to how you store cans in your pantry.

Serving Platters

Stacking platters, bowls and other serving pieces can also help with storage issues. If you have room in your pantry, try adding shelves inside your pantry. These shelves allow you also stack pieces and cans and boxes on top of one another. One of the functions we like about shelves, is that you can stack bowls on top each safely and cleanly for good storage.

Also remember that throwing out old food also helps you have better pantry organization.

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    • Some probably more disorganized than others. Nothing beats having an organized pantry where you can see everything you have and what you need to throw out and what room you have for more available storage of kitchen items.

        • Glad you caught this one. There was another misspelling in the post that was corrected but for some reason no one caught the very first misspelling. Thanks for pointing it out.

  1. We use storage containers from Cost Plus World Market,
    Bins from Storables and Rubber Maid and Baskets from our local HomeGoods store or Marshalls. We find and use a variety of labels from Office Depot and Michael’s. Sometimes we find great online templates and print them on plain label paper and cut them to size. We hope this helps.