5 Ideas to Repurpose Those Old Shutters

Spend some time at garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores, and antique shops, and you’ll frequently see them. They might even be accumulating dust in your garage right now. 

There are a ton of creative shutter project ideas that can help you organize and beautify your home. Shutters can be used in a wide variety of ways to decorate your home and they give a room so much personality. 

Every shutter has a tale to tell, reflected in the faded colors, dings and scratches. That tale can be brought into your home, adding a unique vintage charm to any space.

For some creative ideas, check out these beautiful and clever shutter project ideas.

1. Repurposed Shutter Entryway Shelf

Source: Homeroad

It’s so simple to convert that old shutter into an entryway shelf. It only needs to be flipped over and hangers added to the back. You’re ready to go once you’ve added a few hooks for coats, backpacks, and other hangables.

Even a small shelf for holding trinkets could be added to the top. 

2. DIY Shutter Headboard in a coastal style

Source: HGTV

If you adore anything with a nautical theme, this headboard made from a salvaged shutter is hard to pass up. This particular project requires a few old shutters, and it’s best if they are a little weathered, as the worn appearance is ideal for creating a coastal atmosphere. 

This headboard is a great idea if you want to add some DIY beach-themed décor to your house, and it’s also fairly simple to make. Why not add some coastal décor to your indoor spaces as well?  

3. Shutter Photo Display

Source: Etsy

Use that old shutter to create the most exquisite photo display! This project is very simple to complete and has a fantastic rustic appearance. Large shutters can be used to create a stand-up display, or smaller shutters can be used to create a tabletop display.

Depending on the style you’re going for, you can either paint the shutters or leave them as-is. 

4. Shutter Message Board

Source: Pinterest

A message board is essential for busy families to keep schedules and other information organized. This message board made from repurposed shutters functions flawlessly and gives any space a lovely decorative touch. 

This is a fairly easy project, and the shutter louvers are ideal for using tiny clothespins to hang notes.  

5. Enchanting shutter side table

Source: Pinterest

This shutter side table is gorgeous whether you use it indoors or outdoors. This project will result in lovely farmhouse décor, if that’s what you’re looking for. 

For a fantastic coastal look, you could even distress it and paint it gray or blue. And aside from the top, it is entirely constructed of shutters. This project is fairly straightforward. If you want a shorter table, you can complete this project by cutting your shutters in half.

I hope these shutter project ideas inspire you to make use of those shutters gathering dust in your basement, garage, or attic. Share with us what you’ve created!

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