Pros and Cons of a Wet Room Bathroom

A popular trend in bathroom design is wet rooms. This design is well-liked for a few reasons, whether it is completely open or uses a single plane of glass to enclose the shower and bath.

Wet rooms are quickly rising in popularity as a bathroom design for a variety of factors. If you’re considering installing a wet room bathroom in your home, consider the advantages and disadvantages listed below.

Wet bathrooms: What are they?

In a wet room bathroom, there is no shower tray and the shower is not protected by a screen. The open, tiled floor of the space allows the water from the shower to drain away, and the water then goes down the bathroom’s main drain.

To ensure that all water drains well, the floor needs to be sloped. To allow for sufficient water drainage, it is advised that the drain for a wet room be larger than 50mm (2 inches).

Like any bathroom renovation, hiring qualified plumbers and builders is essential. It is necessary to waterproof and fully tile the walls and floors of a wet room bathroom. Underfloor heating is recommended in order for the water on the floor to effectively evaporate, reducing the chance for mold and mildew to build up.

Benefits of a wet room bathroom

Many homeowners and renovators are choosing to install bathrooms in the wet room style for a variety of reasons. The glass shower screens are eliminated, which is primarily because they are notoriously difficult to keep clean.

Also, the bathroom may appear larger than it is due to its open design. This can increase the value of your home because large bathrooms are now a selling point for potential buyers.

This bathroom design also functions well in smaller bathrooms with constrained space. Also, because additional water-proofing has been done in a wet room bathroom, it’s believed to be more durable than a typical bathroom where only the shower has been water-proofed.

Drawbacks of a wet room bathroom

Everything getting wet is the biggest drawback. The bathroom can be a moist space. If this bathroom serves as your home’s main bathroom, it’s important to think about how visitors will use it.

When you have visitors over, for instance, someone who needs to use the restroom will have to enter a wet bathroom and wash their hands. Install a powder room or divide your bathroom into separate areas with a single screen to prevent this from happening, and reserve the main bathroom for personal use only.

Because the walls must be tiled from the floor to the ceiling, wet rooms can be expensive to furnish. Additionally, they will require more waterproofing than ordinary bathrooms. 

Ventilation in a wet room bathroom is crucial; it limits the typeThe type of vanity cabinets you can install. Steer clear of wood and think about a wall-hung basin with hidden wall storage.

In a bathroom with a wet room, everything becomes wet, not just from the shower’s spray but also from the humidity mist. Showers with doors can keep a lot of moisture inside. Toilet paper and towels can get wet. Again, to avoid this inconvenience, consider in-wall storage options.

Consider where the windows are as well. If you want to let natural light into the bathroom, a skylight might be a better option. Make sure any windows are covered with a waterproof material to prevent mold and decay.

Installing a shower curtain that can be used to keep the window from getting wet is a smart DIY hack. Even though it might not complement your bathroom’s design, this is a workaround. As an alternative, position the bath up against the window to keep it away from the showerhead.

Why not have both?

Add a single shower screen to separate the shower area. When using a showerhead, the water sprays downward rather than outward.

Having the shower and bathtub in the same area of your bathroom has the advantage of reducing the amount of space that needs to be waterproofed. 

Additionally, it means that you are free to use any vanity you like because it is shielded from the moisture and humidity created by showering.

The minimalist movement and the push away from making spaces that require less cleaning and promote more relaxation gave rise to the wet room bathroom. If you’re searching for a modern bathroom design, this is a fantastic option.

What do you think of the bathroom design for wet rooms? Can you live with this bathroom design? Do you want a particular bathroom design?

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