8 Easy and Affordable Summer Home Decor Projects

Summer is already upon us, and if your home needs help shaking off the winter doldrums, a home improvement project may do the trick. Prepping your home decor for summer can be fun — and it’s even easy to do on a budget.

Here are eight of our favorite simple and affordable summer home decor projects that can instantly transform your house into a summer oasis.

1. Invite summer with a fresh coat of paint

If you have a room that’s looking a little stale or trim that’s seen better days, you can freshen up its look with a new paint color. You could opt for pale, traditional summer colors or a fresh coat of white or go bold with a warm yellow or tangerine shade.

You don’t even have to paint an entire room to feel the effect. An accent wall or even painting shelving or a cabinet can give you the same look and for less. If you’re not set on a specific color, you can check your hardware store for returned paint or gallons customers never picked up, usually at a discount.

2. Create unique planters

Want to bring the greenery of summer indoors? If you already have plants inside or want to grow a collection, you can create summer vibes with the help of a planter. And while designer planters can be expensive, you can create your own or find some secondhand for a fraction of the price.

Old bowls, vases, and other unique jars may serve as decorative planters, and you can paint them to better match your home decor. Or use twine or yarn to decorate existing dull planters to brighten up your home jungle.

3. Use your hats as decor

Nothing screams summer quite like a straw hat. Instead of rummaging through your closet each time you want a hat, consider hanging your favorite summer headwear — from visors to baseball caps to fancier hats — in your entryway or another bare wall.

Not only will this make reaching for your hat more convenient, it also will create a more laid-back, summery vibe for your home.

4. Bring the beach indoors

If your family enjoys spending most of the summer at the beach, bring some souvenirs from nature back to add to your home decor. Shells look great on bookshelves and cabinets and may even serve as interesting centerpieces. You can fill glass vases with sand and use them as unique summertime candles. You might even display some seagrass on your countertop.

5. Think breezy textiles

One of the simplest ways to make your home look summer-ready is by switching out textiles and linens with lightweight materials and softer colors. Swap out dark black, greens, or deep red throw blankets and pillows with softer whites, baby blues, blushes, and tans. Additionally, storing away thick flannels or heavy knit blankets and duvets can give your home a fresher, more summery feel.

Throw blankets are also an easy way to update an outdated couch if you’re not ready to say goodbye to it just yet.

6. Decorate with summer flowers and greenery

Instead of shopping at your grocery store for flowers, try shopping what you’re seeing in nature instead. Opting for baby’s breath can offer a soft touch to any room — plus this flower is easy to dry and store for future use. Bolder options like marigolds and sunflowers can add warmth and brightness to your home.

Real or faux greens in season in your area can add more of a summery feel to your home. They also help reduce visual clutter that different hues of flowers can sometimes create, offering a polished and simple look.

If you live in California, Florida, or another coastal area with palm trees, consider bringing in faux replicas to enjoy outdoor elements from your state inside.

7. Go full nautical

If you’re looking to make a big impression, consider a summery theme that you can follow. A nautical theme, for instance, is classic and summer-inspired. Decorate with vibrant blues, stripes, boat decor, and even rope.

This style is always popular, and it’s easy to find items secondhand at thrift stores to finish off your look. Search for striped throw blankets and towels, deep blue accent pillows or tablecloths, seaside artwork, and thick rope you can tie into knots around candles or decor or even use to hang artwork and other household items.

8. Don’t forget about summertime scents

You won’t convince any guests they’ve entered a summer retreat without the right scent. You can use air fresheners, room sprays, oil diffusers, and candles to create a summery haven. Opt for seasonal scents like clean linen, ocean breeze, coconut, or cucumber melon.

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