Summer Projects to Transform Your Walls and Furniture

If you’re interested in tackling some easy home-transformation projects this summer, updating your walls and furniture can make a noticeable impact on your living space. You might think you need a different layout or new, high-end furniture to achieve your dream home, but little improvements here and there can help elevate your space.

Here are six simple and relatively affordable summer projects that can help transform your walls and furniture quickly.

1. Get creative with wallpaper

If there’s one home decor trend making a comeback right now, it’s wallpaper. Many designers are using wallpaper in creative ways — to make a statement wall in a room, to help a tiny bathroom pop, or even to enhance stairways. Wallpaper can instantly transform a stagnant space, whether the change is subtle and textured or bright and bold.

You can even use wallpaper on your furniture, inside of bookshelves, or on cabinets to create a unique statement piece. And it’s available whether you own your home or rent, since peel-and-stick wallpaper that’s easy to remove is now readily available to buy.

2. Add structure with molding

An easy way to update the look of your room to make it look more expensive or cohesive is by adding wood molding. You can use molding to create rectangular patterns — or to cut the room in half to allow for different paint colors or wall treatments. Painting the molding the same color as your wall will help tie everything together while adding an interesting visual element. It can also help add a sense of timelessness to your rooms, which can increase the value of your home if you ever choose to sell.

Similar to the wallpaper tip, you can add molding to enhance certain pieces of furniture, such as cabinets, credenzas, or dressers. And while you usually nail or screw molding directly into the wall, you can also use command strips to hang molding if you’re renting.

3. Upgrade your furniture hardware

If you have furniture that works well functionally in your space and you don’t have the budget to buy a new piece that matches your style, consider an easy route: upgrading your hardware. This hack can help turn old furniture into a brand new piece, and help it better fit your personal decorating style.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, either. If you have white knobs you like but wish looked more expensive, give them a coat of bronze spray paint. Or swap out plain pulls with vintage finds. You can even use this hack to switch out boring furniture legs with hairpin legs or another style. This can also help you play with the height of your furniture.

4. DIY upholstery

If you have an accent chair that’s comfortable but hard to look at, consider removing the old fabric and replacing it with something that better fits your style. Depending on the construction of the chair, you can easily just use a stapler gun to staple the new fabric to the underside of the seat. Consider reupholstering worn-out benches or ottomans, too.

Additionally, you can spruce up your bed by turning a boring headboard into an upholstered headboard. Find fabric you like — perhaps linen, velvet, or a fun pattern — add a layer of padding or foam, then staple the fabric to the back of your headboard. It’s an easy way to upgrade your bed without spending a ton of money.

5. Make a gallery wall

If you can’t paint and wallpaper is too daunting, never underestimate the power of a well-designed gallery wall. Figure out a color scheme and look for a mix of vintage and new prints to add to your walls. You can use Etsy to find affordable prints in the style and color you want and print them at home or at a printing center, such as Staples or Office Depot, rather inexpensively. Consider spending a bit more on the frames, whether you want them all to match or you’re looking for a more eclectic style.

And, if you rent, use command strips or command hooks to hang your frames instead of hammering into your walls.

6. Lastly, add shelves and hooks

Another great way to add contrast and texture to your walls or display art is with shelving and hooks. You can add shelves to bare walls to help display books, art, plants, collectibles, and more to personalize your space. You can choose a color of shelving to balance out the colors in your space, like a wood tone to add warmth, or paint your shelving the same color as your walls so it looks more seamless.

If you have a room with a fireplace or small alcove, you can add shelves and trim to create a custom built-in look, which can up your home’s value if you’re considering selling in the future.

Hooks are another way to add visual interest to your space. You can opt for decorative or simple hooks and use spray paint to give them a pop of color. Use them to display jackets, purses, tote bags, hats, or even hanging plants.

Transforming your living space

If your space feels flat because your walls have no art or your furniture feels dated or mismatched, use these tips to help tie your home together. Simple fixes like a small wallpaper adjustment or upgraded hardware on a dresser can go a long way to making your space feel more like your dream home.

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