Family Friendly Furniture: Stylish Yet Sturdy Picks for Busy Homes

Creating a home that’s both beautiful and livable is a homeowner’s dream. But when kids and pets are added to the mix, priorities may shift. Finding family friendly furniture that balances style with durability and functionality requires some effort but ensures homeowners have a living space that’s inviting and practical for years to come.

Choose quality

It’s tempting to lean toward inexpensive family friendly furniture knowing your sofa will likely be used as a trampoline. However, choosing the most durable, well-made pieces you can afford will help ensure your furniture will last for years, long after your kids have outgrown childhood gymnastics.

Look for pieces made from solid hardwood with sturdy joinery or metal powder-coated frames for scratch resistance. Sofas and chairs should have quality springs or cushioning.

Inexpensive furniture found in big-box stores is often made from particle board, compressed wood, or veneer. Although it’s affordable, it won’t last nearly as long as well-made pieces.

Furnishing a home can be expensive, but affordable options do exist. In addition to seasonal sales and promotions at good furniture stores, you can also shop estate sales, consignment shops, and online marketplaces. It’s often worth the investment to have a timeless piece refinished or reupholstered than to purchase a trendy mass-market item with a short life span.

Select easy-to-clean materials

Opt for heavy-duty, easy-to-clean performance fabrics with a flat weave, such as microfiber, twill, wool, denim, or pleather. Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester blends, will resist spills, stains, and everyday grime. They spot clean easily, as well. Some performance fabrics come with a stain-resistant coating already built in, but you can also pay a bit extra to have the fabric treated. The long-term durability is worth the extra cost.

Leather is probably the most durable fabric, requiring minimal care and upkeep. Most leather can be wiped down with a clean cloth and conditioned periodically to keep it soft and pliable. Most leather will develop its own patina over time the more it’s used, creating a one-of-a-kind look unique to your space.

Look for rounded edges

Look for furniture with rounded or padded edges to create safe spaces for toddlers and prevent accidental bumps or bruises. Opting for round dining, coffee, and end tables means you won’t need to add padded corner protectors to your furniture. Leather or fabric poufs are available in a variety of sizes and can act as an ottoman or a central coffee table.

Pick multifunctional furniture

Ask any real estate agent who works with families and they’ll tell you there’s no such thing as too much storage when it comes to homes with growing kids. Children’s clothes, books, toys, and other gear have a way of ending up in the spaces adults try to keep clutter free.

Look for furniture that is not only stylish but has extra storage. Coffee tables with shelves or drawers can house books, electronics, pet toys, or other frequently used essentials.

Storage ottomans can hold toys, magazines, or extra blankets. Because ottomans are relatively lightweight and portable, they can also be moved about a room to serve as extra seating or as a place to rest a serving tray.

Bunk beds and trundle beds are excellent space-saving solutions for kids’ bedrooms and guest bedrooms. Choose bunk or trundle beds with built-in storage drawers or shelves to store clothes, toys, personal items, or extra bedding.

Choose colors carefully

A tasteful off-white sofa might take center stage in your vision of a serene space, but it’s probably not the best choice for a family with little ones. You don’t need to default to gray or black for everything, but lean toward earth tones, bold hues, patterns, and darker shades or textures that can better hide accidental stains and wear and tear. 

Pick classic pieces that grow with your kids

There’s no denying a racecar bed is cool, but what happens when your toddler’s tastes change in a year? Same goes for the princess-themed canopy bed or the entire bedroom set based on a video game.

Instead of replacing your children’s decor every few years, outfit their room with timeless basics: a safe and sturdy bed frame, a solid dresser, and a well-made desk.

Allow their personality to shine through at any age through accessories and accent pieces, such as color, artwork, throw pillows, display collections, lighting, throw rugs, bean bag chairs, and other inexpensive items that can be easily swapped out as needed.

Test before buying

If possible, look at any piece you’re considering in person before you buy. There can be a big difference in how something looks online and what you get in real life. Sit on the sofa, test the chair, put your feet up on the ottoman. In other words, make sure the piece will fit your family’s need for both comfort and durability.

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