How to Properly Store Your Patio Furniture This Winter

All summer long, you and your loved ones sat outside on your patio furniture to relax, and you look forward to doing it again next summer. 

However, even though the majority of patio products are designed to be used outside, your outdoor furniture may suffer damage from the impending winter if you don’t protect it. 

By taking the necessary precautions now to properly store your patio furniture for the winter, you’ll not only increase the longevity of your investment but it will also make things easier for you come spring.

The best scenario is to store everything inside, under a tarp, in a shed, a dry storage area, or under a roof to ensure that your outdoor furniture lasts for a long time. If you do decide to use a tarp, be sure to secure it and leave a gap at the bottom to encourage airflow.

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Energy-Efficient Upgrades to Make to Your Home

Energy-Efficient Upgrades To Make to Your Home

If you’re looking to minimize your energy usage while maintaining a comfortable home, rest assured that you have plenty of options. Make these upgrades to your home to boost energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort or function.

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4 Ways to Budget for Home Maintenance Costs

Congratulations! You’re now the owner of a new (or new to you) home! Of course, you realize that your expenses have only just begun, even though you may have already bought your home, right?

I’m talking about home maintenance.

When putting together your budget as a new homeowner, remember to include the annual cost of this very important element of being a homeowner.

Wondering what’s included in yearly home upkeep? 

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8 Often Forgotten Home Maintenance Tasks

7 Often Forgotten Home Maintenance Tasks
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

You probably already have a list of home maintenance chores, such as changing the furnace filter seasonally, turning off the water before winter, cleaning the gutters, etc. 

Although this is a good beginning, there are some tasks that homeowners frequently overlook or are unaware of. 

Here are a few crucial home maintenance tasks that may not be on your to-do list but that, if neglected, could cost you a fortune or, worse still, cause you a great deal of stress.

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