7 Ways To Save Money on Your DIY Backyard Deck

DIY Backyard DeckImagine cool summer evenings spent watching the kids chase lightning bugs in the backyard as you lounge on your beautifully finished deck.

It’s a wonderful dream, but maybe you’ve priced a new deck and feel like it’s beyond your reach. Read More

5 Quick and Easy Home Repairs for Busy Women

home repairs any woman can tackleMarried women often have the option to ask their partner to do home repairs around the home, but that’s not possible if you’re single, nor desirable if you’re divorced.

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Air Conditioning: Where Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Air Conditioning: Where Bigger Isn’t Always BetterThe biggest isn’t always the best, especially if you’re talking about air conditioning units. A lot of people were under the assumption that bigger air conditioning units mean a faster cooling system, but it’s about time that these myths get straightened out. Read More