7 Wall Mural Tips to Get the Perfect Look

If you feel like your walls are closing in on you…and let’s face it, who doesn’t feel that way from time to time…there’s an easy way to open up your space without breaking out the sledgehammer.

Add a wall mural.

Home Styling Starter Guide for Couples

Home Styling Starter Guide for Couples

Moving in with your partner is always exciting, but usually, there’s some trepidation involved as well. What will your home look like? How will you adapt from having your own space to sharing it? Our 7 tips will help you ease your way into creating a home both of you love.

Home Improvement Ideas For Sports’ Enthusiasts

Home Improvement Ideas For Sports' Enthusiasts

It’s pretty common to have a love of sports, and for homeowners that do there are many obvious ways to incorporate that obsession into a home improvement project. The project will, of course, depend upon the amount of room you have at your disposal, and whether you’re looking for an outside project, or an inside home remodel.

5 Steps to a Beautiful Patio

5 Steps to a Beautiful Patio
Photo by Kaboompics.com from Pexels

If you’re like most of the country right now you’re probably itching to get outside and do something in your yard.

Why not add a patio area that you can enjoy this summer…as well as the rest of the year?