Pros and Cons of a Wet Room Bathroom

A popular trend in bathroom design is wet rooms. This design is well-liked for a few reasons, whether it is completely open or uses a single plane of glass to enclose the shower and bath.

Wet rooms are quickly rising in popularity as a bathroom design for a variety of factors. If you’re considering installing a wet room bathroom in your home, consider the advantages and disadvantages listed below.

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Kitchen and Bath Style Report by NKBA

kitchen and bath style report

The National Association of Kitchen and Bath Association performed a survey to understand what were the latest trends in Kitchen and Bath Design. Specifically, NKBA refers to this document as the Kitchen and Bath Style Report. Read More

Luxury Bathtubs to Make Your Bathroom Standout

Enjoying a bath is actually a great stress reliever. By adding salts and oils to your bath, you can also take care of your skin. There are lots of bathtub products on the market to add to your magnificent bathroom. With the right bathtub, you will enjoy relaxing or reading a book while your muscles heal. Taking baths will enhance your skin, help clear your mind, and relieve sore muscles. In addition, bathtubs are also enjoyable for kids. Adding a mountain of tub toys to keep them entertained while getting them clean. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest and wackiest bathtubs. These tubs are definitely one of a kind.  Read More