15 Ways to Decorate for the Holidays Without Feeling Cluttered

15 Ways to Decorate for the Holidays Without Feeling Cluttered

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or have celebrated the holiday season in your home for many years, festive decorations can make your home feel cluttered. It’s easy to get carried away, and there is a fine line between tasteful maximalism and overkill. When you’re ready to deck the halls, here are 15 ways to decorate for the holidays without feeling cluttered.

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7 Easy Tips for Holiday Decoration Storage that Won’t Empty Your Wallet

7 Easy Tips for Holiday Decoration Storage that Won't Empty Your Wallet
Image courtesy: Caleb Fisher on Unsplash

Decorating for the holidays can be a lot of fun. But putting everything away once the holiday has passed? 

Not so much.

One way to make the chore of taking down holiday decor less of a pain is to have functional and easy-to-use storage options that will keep those decorative items clean and looking like new year after year.

Check out these cheap, 7 holiday decoration storage ideas and have a plan in place now so that next year, decorating and “un-decorating” will be a breeze.

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Holiday Organization Tips That Help You Next Year

Holiday OrganizationGetting organized is often a New Year’s resolution for many people. One area of holiday organization starts with holiday decorations. You may have already taken your decorations down or ready to do so now. Holiday decorations have many components to them from fragile ornaments to wide fluffy wreaths. Whether you are packing up lights or artificial trees, using the best packaging will help them all be safe come the following holiday time in another 12 months.  Read More

8 Holiday Storage Tips

christmas-storage-tipsHoliday decorations are often fragile and treasured memories. Storing holiday decorations can be challenging with their odd shapes and sensitivity. Storing holiday decorations also need to be tucked away until they are required at the end of year. So carefully placing these items in a location within you home that will not be touched for 11 months and still being able to access them when the time was right. Getting your decorations properly stored to prevent breakage and yet accessibility when its time to kick off the holidays can be a tricky sitution. These helpful holiday storage tips can help you get your decorations stored and yet ready for the next time they are needed.  Read More