8 Holiday Storage Tips

christmas-storage-tipsHoliday decorations are often fragile and treasured memories. Storing holiday decorations can be challenging with their odd shapes and sensitivity. Storing holiday decorations also need to be tucked away until they are required at the end of year. So carefully placing these items in a location within you home that will not be touched for 11 months and still being able to access them when the time was right. Getting your decorations properly stored to prevent breakage and yet accessibility when its time to kick off the holidays can be a tricky sitution. These helpful holiday storage tips can help you get your decorations stored and yet ready for the next time they are needed. 

  1. Before you get started, take a few pictures of how you decorated your home this past year to kick start your inspiration for next year’s holiday. You can even add printed versions of these photos inside your storage containers to remind you as soon as you open your world of holiday decorating.
  2.  Carefully store any decorations or ornaments that might be fragile in protective coverings or specialized ornament boxes. You can use tissue paper or bubble wrap to carefully wrap and cover you decorations. Wrapping each individual ornament will more likely prevent damage then wrapping multiple ornaments together.
  3. If you have decoration for multiple trees or themed trees, try placing specific tree decorating items in the same set of boxes. This will enable you to pull out decorations specific to trees versus other house decorations or other trees making your decorating a little be more organized.
  4. If you use wreaths or garland around your home, storing these items in like containers will help you locate these items quickly to help manage your decorating process for the following year.
  5. If you have specific decorations that you display in a particular location of your home, say a room or a banister, try including these decorations in the same boxes to help remind you of location based decorations. This will help you to quickly place boxes in specific rooms of your home to get started on your decorating.  There is nothing crazier than moving boxes downstairs only to realize the decoration are for a room upstairs.
  6. Label each box by tree type, room location or type of decorating item. You may consider labeling the boxes on multiple sides in case you store the items in locations are difficult to read. This is another method that will help you become more efficient when you need to get started on your decorating for the following holidays.
  7. Make sure your lids to your boxes fit snugly but do not force them shut or you are sure to break a precious and delicate decorations inside.
  8. Place your boxes in a location safe from sensitive temperatures. If you have candles in a boxes and you live in hot summer areas, you risk your candles melting and forming new shapes that may not fit your holiday needs.   Stacking your bins and boxes will be critical to making sure the stacked boxes are not falling boxes thus possibly creating breakage of holiday decorations

Having a plan and getting organized with your holiday decoration now will help you kick off your holiday decorating later in the year.