It’s Hurricane Season … Are You Prepared?

Hurricane SeasonHurricane season is a time when many living on coastal cities and states are aware of the potential risks like hurricanes. But in case you are new to these beautiful areas of the country and need help on getting prepared for hurricane season, we have some tips for you.  According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) , getting prepared for a hurricane requires the following steps: Read More

HomeZada Updates Consumer Mobile Apps

You can now download easy to use HomeZada Apps to help you manage your digital home inventory.  The new apps make it very simple and easy to create a home inventory because the app automatically creates all the typical rooms and items in your home for you reducing your data entry. The HomeZada Mobile app can then either control the phone’s camera to take new photos or you can upload existing photos from your gallery to customize the inventory Read More

Preparedness during Tornado Season

tornadoThe T’s are taking over April. Taxes and tornadoes are present during this month and tornadoes have a potential to exist from now until October depending on where you live in the country. These two types of activities are generally not that fun, but with both you can prepare yourself Read More

Q&A Session with Clear Home Solutions Founder, Marty Stevens Heebner

martyClear Home Solutions was founded by award-winning entrepreneur Marty Stevens-Heebner. She was inspired to launch Clear Home Solutions through her personal experiences involving her 90-year-old father and her 88-year-old aunt with dementia. She also leveraged her many years of organizing experience and inventorying the “stuff” in her own life and businesses to provide value to her clients.  Marty was the first Certified Senior Move Manager (SMM-C) in the country, and is also a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO) and a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS).  In addition to serving on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, Marty is also a Public Policy Ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Association and serves on the Board of OPICA, an adult day programming center catering to people with memory disorders and their families.  Read More

Q&A with Harrisburg Home Inventory Owner, Anthony Will

Harrisburg Home Inventory LogoMany people wonder what a home inventory professional is and what they do to help homeowners better understand what they own in their home. Harrisburg Home Inventory and its owner, Anthony Will decided to help us understand the role of a home inventory professional and how it can help you in times of need. Harrisburg Home Inventory is a home inventory services company that provides digital home inventories to homeowners and businesses that are looking to document their assets to show proof of ownership in case of disaster, theft or other unforeseen situations. Harrisburg Home Inventory also provides estate planning home inventories. Anthony Will, owner of Harrisburg Home Inventory, is experienced in moving often and worldwide with an extensive military background. Anthony’s extensive moves lead him to his current path of wanting to help clients become knowledgeable about what they own. His abilities throughout his military career involved supporting technical solutions and teams while also understanding the human aspect of getting the job done. Read More