How to Love Your Home Again

How to Love Your Home AgainIf you’re not “feelin’ the love” for your home that you did when you first moved in, that doesn’t mean it’s time to “up anchor” and find a new place to live – often all it takes is a few changes to make your house feel like home again. Read More

How to Make Your Garage the Star of Your Home

How to Make Your Garage the Star of Your HomeMost people see the garage as an after thought—a place to stash their unused items or park their cars at the end of a workday. If you’re using the garage for these reasons alone, then you’re not taking advantage of all the extra space this room has to offer. Think of the garage as an essential space of your home, not a separate or overlooked partition by revamping it with these renovation hacks. Read More

10 Signs Your Garage Doors Are Ready For Replacement

When it comes to maintaining a home, doing repair work around the house or just checking up if all systems are working well, garage doors are notoriously neglected. Most homeowners look at garage doors as an afterthought – a part of the house that guests rarely visit, if at all. Read More

4 Ways to Maintain Your Home and Avoid Costly Repairs

4 Ways to Maintain Your Home and Avoid Costly RepairsAs a homeowner, sometimes it can feel like you have a never-ending to-do list of home repairs and maintenance. From fixing the pipes to replacing the gutters – when does it truly end? The truth is, it doesn’t. However, following practical tips and setting a schedule can help you save on costs in the future. Here are 4 ways to maintain your home and avoid costly repairs. Read More