How to Cut Costs on Lawn Care This Summer

How to Cut Lawn Care Costs This SummerSooner than you may realize the sound of snowblowers will slowly be replaced by lawnmowers. If you’re going to be walking behind – or riding – one of those lawn mowers, you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your lawn in good shape. Read More

5 Quick and Easy Home Repairs for Busy Women

home repairs any woman can tackleMarried women often have the option to ask their partner to do home repairs around the home, but that’s not possible if you’re single, nor desirable if you’re divorced.

After all, who wants their ex nosing around their home… Read More

Home Maintenance Help: Tips on Finding a Good Handyman

While most homeowners can do the majority of home maintenance tasks, sometimes it’s mHome Maintenance Help: Tips on Finding a Good Handyman ore cost efficient to call in a pro.

He’ll know what needs to be done and will have the tools – and the skills – needed to do the job right the first time. Read More