Signs of Winter Storm Damage to Your Home

Signs of Winter Storm Damage to Your Home

In some parts of the world, many homeowners are already experiencing harsh winter weather. Are you and your home prepared for winter storms and tough conditions? Make sure you’re armed with these signs of winter storm damage to your home so you can identify and address any issues right away.

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Ep 004 – The Value of Maintaining Your Home


John and Beth are here to share with you their tips and suggestions, as well as interviews with industry experts, with the goal of helping you become a smarter homeowner. Once we buy a home, we now ask ourselves the question… Now what? Today’s episode focuses on the value of maintaining your home, including home maintenance and all the different things that we as homeowners need to do to maintain our home. Tune in for advice on everything from preventative maintenance to standard maintenance, what we can save, and how to improve the value of your home!


● [02:00] Standard care of the house.
● [05:00] Health and safety, including smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
● [10:00] Maintenance and the value of your home.
● [13:00] Increasing your replacement costs if you neglect small 30 minute tasks.
● [17:00] How to be reminded of tasks which need completing.
● [22:00] Should you be doing these tasks yourself or hire a contractor?
● [29:00] Start with the basics to figure out the typical maintenance things you need to do from a preventative standpoint.


● Keeping track of home maintenance will add value and save time.
● The difference between doing the tasks yourself or hiring a contractor.
● How to keep track of home tasks which need completing.


How To Transform Steel Buildings Into Your Dream Home

How To Transform Steel Buildings Into Your Dream Home
new gray mobile home container

Traditionally, steel buildings were designed for storage or industrial purposes. However, they have been revolutionized and started being used for residential purposes. Architects and designers are now making home plans for steel buildings. 

Besides their simplicity, they’re durable and easy to fabricate, depending on the design required. To know more, read how this article enlightens you on converting a steel building into your dream home. 

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9 House Maintenance Tips For Cold Weather

9 House Maintenance Tips For Cold Weather

Every house owner needs to dedicate time to house maintenance. It’s crucial for keeping your home in a good shape and for living happily and safely. Your home will last longer and it will also look better.

House maintenance changes by season, so you won’t do certain things when it’s hot outside but you will do them once it gets colder. In this article, we will talk about 9 house maintenance tips for cold weather particularly.

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Home Maintenance Tasks for Every Season

One evening, just as you are about to sit down, you hear a funny noise coming from the ceiling fan. When you look up, you notice the blades slow down until the entire unit shakes and vibrates, then stops.

Over the phone, the repairman advises, “Buying a new one may be cheaper.”.


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