7 Cleaning Tips for Hard to Reach Spaces

It’s often the little things that present the biggest challenge, whether you’re doing some spring cleaning or just keeping things tidy! 

And despite our knack for cleaning the big stuff like carpets and countertops, smaller spaces like window tracks, air vents, and other nooks and crannies rarely make it into our daily routines.

Cleaning these spaces requires a little extra effort, but with the right tools, it’s easily done.

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5 Simple Ways To Make Your Home More Inviting

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Home More Inviting
modern chalet interior. 3d rendering design concept

When it comes to transforming your home into an oasis, you don’t always have to go big and grand. Even the most seasoned interior designers make it a point to mix-and-match big changes with smaller, doable ones. That way, an inviting home can be within your reach.

Give your home a quick run-through right now. Perhaps there are certain aspects of your home that you want to change, because you like it to be more inviting, especially if you’re having guests coming over. In interior design, the goal is to have a home that conveys comfort, coziness, and warmth as soon as your family and visitors walk into your front door.

Are you ready to make your home look and feel more inviting to your guests? Follow these five helpful tips, to guide you:

1. Keep It Clean

This first item on the list is one of the simplest, but also the most effective. That is to keep your home clean. There’s nothing more pleasant than walking into a home that’s spotless and clutter-free. The smell of fresh curtains, tapestries, and sheets sets the mood of the room. 

If you’ve been struggling to keep up with your cleaning routine, use the twenty-minute technique. At the end of each day, set your timer for twenty minutes, run around your home and clean as much as you can. By doing this regularly, you get to clean your home without breaking a sweat, because there will be less accumulation of dirt. Should guests suddenly arrive, you don’t have to worry about the mess from yesterday still lurking around your home.

2. Hang Art

In the past, you may have always wondered why many people choose to hang wall art in their living room, and you think that putting one would just be a waste of space. But now that you’re matured enough to understand and appreciate it, you now consider hanging one in your own living room. Purchasing fine art from reputable sources in your area like Fine Art America is a great way to invest your money. 

Fine art in your walls can serve as a conversation starter for your visitors. It makes a bare wall lively and a focal point in your living room. 

The fine art you choose is also a reflection of your personality. As it ties the whole room together, it transforms a cold and dull space into one that’s more inviting and warmer.

3. Add Touches Of Wood

Whether you’re working on a tiny space or an oversized one, there’s one element that’ll be a top hit. That’s to incorporate and add touches of wood to your living room theme. You can have touches of wood all over your home, from furniture, floors, shelves, or hanging wood elements on your walls.

There is a myriad of ideas to explore if you want that log cabin wood feels in your living room. Always keep in mind to choose pieces that are aesthetically pleasant to the eyes and functional as well.

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Home More Inviting
modern loft living room interior. Living design style. 3d rendering

4. Add Layers Of Pillows And Blankets

Do your couches have enough throw pillows on them? Don’t just go for one-sized, uniform pillows. Go for various styles, sizes and fabrics for your choice of pillows, because it adds to the excitement of the room.

A couch with pillows around, makes the space feel cozy and comfortable to hang around. You can throw in some blankets for those bed weather days, wherein all you want is to snug up the whole day in your couch. 

5. Repaint In Darker Hues

One of the simplest changes you can do in your home that also has the biggest impact is repainting your home. If your goal is to make your home more inviting and cozier, the strategy is to repaint from light to dark.

Soft, gray shades will just do the trick. The darker hues can make your home feel relaxed and calm.


As you can see, every single detail in your home matters. There’s so much you have to consider and think about, when it comes to sprucing up your home. Beyond simply creating an aesthetically-pleasing home, your top-most goal should be for your home to exude coziness and an overall relaxed feel. You’ll want your house to feel like a home, by customizing it in a way that it would express your personality. If you know your home could use some work, you can start by following the suggested strategies in this article.

Author Bio: 

Candice Miller is an interior design consultant and blogger. She’s been in the industry for over 12 years. She loves conducting webinars about modern interior design. During her free time, she travels and visits museums with her kids.

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