How to Sell a Home with Foundation Troubles

How to Sell a Home with Foundation Troubles

Photo by Antonino Visalli on Unsplash

You’re finally ready to make a move.

You’ve found the perfect home that’s close to everything you need, but before you can buy it, you’ve got to get rid of the home you now own.

How to Make a Special Reading Nook for Your Child

How to Make a Special Reading Nook for Your ChildNow that the kids are back in school and your household routine is back to “normal”, your kids are probably already coming home with assigned reading tasks.

But with the constant allure of the television, computer and video games, it can be hard getting them to sit down and actually read their books. Read More

Top Five Millennial Friendly Cities

Millennials are looking for cities where they can buy affordable homes and still find activities to support their careers and family life. Millennials are experiencing more student loan debt which is why affordable housing and locations are necessary.  Millennial friendly cities offer millennials career opportunities in fun fast paced industries that offer the opportunity for career growth. Millennial friend cities offer great outdoor fun from skiing to socializing in local hangouts. These types of activities give millennials opportunities to meet potential spouses to that enable them to start their families. Here are the top five millennial friendly cities based on some of the criteria we have listed and more.  Read More