How To Get Your Home Ready for Entertaining

How To Get Your Home Ready for Entertaining

Having a party or entertaining people in your home can be a fun, exciting experience. Unfortunately, if your home isn’t ready for company, it can also be stressful. Keep reading to learn how to get your home ready for entertaining so that you can enjoy yourself while your guests enjoy your home.

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Kid Entertainment: Why Not DIY a Mud Kitchen This Summer?

Kid Entertainment: Why Not DIY a Mud Kitchen This Summer?
Image courtesy: Entangled Harmony

Nothing says summer fun like baking a mud pie…except, perhaps,  making some muddy muffins topped with nice, crunchy rocks!

If you ‘cooked’ with mud as a child, you know the magic of spending time in the mud, feeling it squish between your toes and having fun ‘serving’ your baked goods to your parents.

It’s Grilling Season, Recipes You will Love

grilling season

Now that you cleaned your grill, it’s time to start grilling because we are in the midst of grilling season. We promised you some of our favorite grilling recipes and so here it goes. This grilling season, we hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we do and we hope your Memorial Day is fun filled! Read More

It’s Grilling Season, Cleaning Your Grill

cleaning your grillIt’s grilling season and what better way to get ready for the big weekend, but to get that grill all nice and clean. Cleaning your grill actually helps in a number of ways. First, your food will taste like the kind of food you want it to be, a chicken a chicken, a burger a burger, and so on. Second, by cleaning your grill, your food will not stick to the grill. Cleaning your grill will prevent your food from burning and you will be able serve beautiful food. Read More