Avoiding Mistakes: A Guide to Listing Your Home

Avoiding Mistakes: A Guide to Listing Your Home

Creating a real estate listing is crucial to selling your home quickly and often trumps installing a ‘For Sale’ sign on your front yard. According to a recent National Association of Realtors (NAR) study, 52% of home buyers today use the internet to find properties, so it is crucial to learn how to list your home for sale. If you make any errors when listing your home for sale, you could extend the time it takes to find an ideal buyer, not to mention getting offers lower than the worth of your property. Read on for a complete guide to selling your house to avoid mistakes.

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Ep 013 – How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell or List With Jill Elliott


For homeowners getting ready to sell their homes, what can or should you do to get your home ready to list? On today’s episode, John and Beth are talking with Jill Elliott, a Broker Associate with over 10 years of experience in all aspects of real estate. Jill brings her realtor experience to share tips on what homeowners can do to list a home. She also shares stories of her experiences and suggestions from her own client’s journeys through real estate sales. Jill offers advice on how to work with a real estate agent in your area and her own suggestions on how to market a home and move through the process more easily when selling a home.


  • [02:21] How to get your home ready for sale.
  • [03:39] How to get older homes ready for sale.
  • [05:00] Is there certain maintenance you should do before you contact a real estate agent or before you list your home?
  • [06:20] How important is curb appeal and staging a home?
  • [10:47] How to set financial expectations for listing a home.
  • [15:36] How to find the right real estate agent.
  • [19:19] Why a house might not close; tips for planning a home inspection, and parting advice from Jill.


  • The first thing to do when deciding to sell your home is let go and let the process happen. Respect the process, be flexible and make changes suggested by your realtor.
  • Things to be aware of when selling or buying a home are the roof and foundation, plumbing, windows and electrical.
  • How do you find the right real estate agent? Find one that you trust. Not that you like, but one that you trust.


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Jill Elliott is a Broker Associate with @properties Dallas and brings over 10 years of experience in all aspects of real estate. She has consistently been a top producer in the DFW area, receiving yearly Circle of Excellence awards. Before becoming a full time REALTOR, Jill was a radio personality for 22 years in several cities around the country including Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Columbia, Augusta and Atlanta. This may seem a strange transition but her former career allowed her to work with so many different people and charitable organizations that a real estate career was a natural fit for her. Jill has a podcast – For The Love of Real Estate on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and others. She is a big fan of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. She is a member of the MetroTex Board of Realtors and the National Association of REALTORs. Jill is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and lives with her wonderful family and dog Stella on the shores of Lake Lewisville.

9 Tips to Get Your Home Appraisal Ready

It’s important to ensure your home’s value comes out as high as possible in an appraisal. After all, most of the offers you’ll receive require the buyer to get financing through a mortgage lender. 

Essentially, the higher the appraised value of your home, the more seamless the home selling process will be. 

Taking the time to prepare your home for an appraisal is your best chance of increasing its appraised value. Here are nine tips to help.

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HomeZada Tip: Zada Listing

HomeZada users now have some new functionality that they can use when they are ready to sell their homes.  As our users track the details about their home, especially the physical structure or fixed assets of the home in the home inventory functionality, they can then use this information to market their home.  The rich data that a HomeZada user has collected to understand their home is the same detailed information to present to buyers when they are searching for homes.  This is a great way to engage buyers and showcase your home, almost like your online open house. Read More