Welcome to the Zen of Zada the HomeZada Blog

Zen of Zada - HomeZada BlogWelcome to our newly launched blog, Zen of Zada, that is focused on the homeowner. Organizing and maintaining a house can be overwhelming and we want to help our readers understand how to manage their home. The Zen of Zada is intended to help novice or expert homeowners understand all the issues around managing a home. Our team at HomeZada will provide you tips on how to care and perform specific maintenance tasks to help your home operate well. We will offer tips on project management and how to manage the details of your projects including costs and selections. Tips on home financial awareness and how to track all the things in your home to understand what you own will also be important to overall home management and what the Zen of Zada readers and subscribers can expect to read. As a reader, you will see 5 main categories of blog post topics. Managing the Home which refers to areas of management like taking a home inventory, understanding the financial details of your home and other relevant pieces. Remodeling Projects will tell you all about the types of projects that you can perform on your home and how to get them done. Home Maintenance will talk about tips, hacks and reasons for performing home maintenance and if not performed the potential outcomes. Buying and Selling will showcase all you need to know about buying and selling a home no matter what stage of your life you are in. News and Tips will let you know what is happening at HomeZada. For instance, when new releases are available, where else you can find HomeZada, and simple tips that do not fall under the other categories.

We look forward to sharing our personal experiences, our expert advice and tips and tricks on better home management with you. Our Zen of Zada team also looks forward to engaging with you and hearing what you love about your home, what is challenging about your home and your personal experiences on home management. Please let us know your thoughts on our Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ social media sites.  The Zen of Zada is here for all homeowner enthusiasts and we hope the information we provide you will be helpful to how you organize your time, money and love of your home.