How Lighting Effects Your Home’s Energy Consumption

LEDs, compact fluorescent, halogen, incandescent bulbs… Who knew that light bulbs could be so complicated? The truth is, they really are a lot more complicated than most people would assume. But light bulbs can help in managing your home’s energy consumption. The infographic below details some of the different bulbs and their affect on your home.

The truth is, light bulbs and the way you choose to light your home can have a huge impact on the amount of energy consumption that your home uses. There are different types of light bulbs for different uses in your home, different wattage of light bulbs, and different energy efficiency bulbs. Each of these decisions need to be made when selecting bulbs but light bulbs also effect your home’s energy consumption so getting up to speed on the light bulbs will be important. Before you say “Who cares, just get the cheapest lights available…”, take a look at the infographic below and familiarize yourself with the different types of lighting solutions available to you:

How Lighting Effects Your Home's Energy Consumption