A Few Tips to Help Keep Your Tools Organized

Keep Your Tools OrganizedWhy does it always seem like the moment you actually need one of the 50,000 tools in your tool set, it’s nowhere to be found? We don’t know the answer either, but we do have a solution that will help you minimize the amount of times it happens to you. Instead of hiding all of your tools in the garage or basement, create a kit of the essentials and keep in a drawer in the kitchen or laundry room. Here are a few tips to help you keep your tools organized.

First, write down all of the tools that you use most frequently and decide how many of them you can fit into the drawer you chose for this specific project. Once you have them all in front of you, label them all with something like “Kitchen Drawer” or “Laundry Room Tool Kit”. This way when you are done using it, or if someone else finds it they will know where it belongs. This is a great way to keep your tools organized.

Also taking photos of all your tools and assigning them to a space in your HomeZada home inventory will help you remember where they are at all times. You only need your mobile device and a login to HomeZada to find what you need.

This little tip has helped us tremendously in keeping our tools organized and keeping us from having to buy another hammer only to find the original one a month later!