How to De-Clutter a House Full of Kids

De-clutterIt’s common knowledge that kids have short attention spans. This goes for holding a conversation with a kid, watching T.V. with a kid, going to a candy store with a kid, etc., but it also holds true at home. If you have ever seen multiple kids under the age of five playing in a living room, you’ll notice that none of them ever play with a toy for longer than 5 minutes. And what do they usually do when they are done playing with a toy they just got out? Drop it where they stand and play with the next toy that caught their attention.

This can lead to massive chaos in the home, with toys that hurt really bad when you step on them laying around like little mines all over the house. No matter how fast you pick up the toys, there always seems to be more on the ground by the time you’re done.

Don’t worry, we are here to help. Here are some tips for helping you de-clutter your kid filled home:

1.   Spread out the fun

Instead of filling one room with the buckets of toys you may have, put different toys in different rooms.  This will allow you to use smaller storage places and have quicker clean-ups and an easy way to de-clutter. Definitely remove those toys no child is interested in any longer.

2.  Open it up.

You don’t need four coffee tables in the living room.  Get rid of extra furniture and open up more play space for the kids. Less furniture is a great way to de-clutter.

3.  Shelves Shelves Shelves!

Load up on shelves. They allow your kids easy access to their favorite toys and allow you to keep the messy stuff out of reach. Your kids can leave their toys out without them being in the way.

4. Create  a system.

If your kids have a way they like things to be they are more likely to put things back.  Let them organize their favorite toys in different bins or shelves so they will naturally want to put the them back in the right spot.

5. Use your walls.

If you are working with a small space you can use your walls as a setting for dramatic play or even art. Choices can include a chalkboard wall, a racetrack or baby doll clothesline vinyl sticker set (that doesn’t harm the wall), or a hanging felt dollhouse.

If you have any other tips to de-clutter a home among the chaos of kids, please feel free to share in the comments section with us on our Facebook page and note De-clutter with Kids.