The Most Extreme and Elaborate Kids Playhouses

Building a treehouse or play-place for your kids can be a very fun and extremely rewarding experience. You get to go through the process of designing, building, and the best part, watching them enjoy it after it’s complete. The other fun part about this playhouse project is the fact that the possibilities are endless. Playhouses can be designed with different themes or with different materials.  

Create a Destination

Because you get to build this playhouse, you get to do anything you want to design it. Every princess can have her very own castle. A pirate only needs a ship to sail to explore the world. A surfer needs a bungalow to relax after a hard day of catching waves. Maybe your child needs a home of their own so that they can manage the practice and get ready to manage a home of their own.

Try a New Location

In fact, some kids playhouses are in up in the air or trees. Tree oriented playhouses are jungle gyms for the soul. But safety will need to be practiced when hoisting a playhouse in a tree. Adding a playhouse to tree also creates the need to discuss safety with kids who are climbing up and down.

You could design and create something worthy of a Hollywood movie! Here are some of the most elaborate and extreme playhouses or treeehouses to give you some ideas: